1983 Buick Regal Limited | Stolen

1983 Buick Regal Limited

Optional 4.1L 4BBL V6 w/TH350

Georgia / Fayetteville Car

78,000 miles

Maintenance Performed Within Last 3,000 Miles

Wheels & Brakes

  • Brake Fluid change with DOT 4

  • New front Rotors, Pads, Bearings and Seals

  • New tires


  • Coolant changed

  • New Radiator (Lifetime Guarantee)

  • New Water Pump

  • New Coolant Hoses; Upper, Lower and By-Pass

  • New Spark Plugs

  • Compression Test (Excellent)


  • Transmission Fluid and Filter changed (NOT flushed)

  • Differential Oil changed (80W-90)


  • New Battery & Starter
Pictures Link : http://s677.photobucket.com/user/gstoykewich1/slideshow/1983 Buick Regal

Attached file is a copy of the original spec sheet.



  • 1983 Buick Broadcast Sheet.pdf
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Thank you, I've only ever seen a Grey/Black Limited. Never the two tone blue with matching interior. An LS1 will fit with room to spare in there!
There is a very nicely optioned blue D84 Limited that needs this car as a donor car. If they would have popped up together for sale I would have scooped them both, logistics of getting them back to Western Canada be damned. GLWS.