1985 Buick Regal Grand National (Euro)?????


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Mar 13, 2008
I wonder if this car is for real? It's actua;lly in the same town as me. I might call him and just go look at it...

1985 Buick Regal Grand National (Euro) ~ Updated Pics

Taillights are Euro specs?

Looks exactly like the 83 taillights I have sitting in my garage. Can't tell real good since the pics are kinda fuzzy. I don't know if it is worth $5k, with all the work he says it needs. My old 85 needed interior and body work and the engine was strong and fresh trans, posi, TA33, BlueTops, 87ecm, large radiator, electric fan and lots more and couldn't get near that much. Hopefully in person it looks good. :)
From his ad:
The car needs some minor work (buckets/door panels/bumper fillers/reprimed/painted) being it's from 85, but overall it's not in horrible shape. I figure if you have about $3-4k to put into it, you've got a $20-30k car

All that stuff and it still needs a head gasket or worse since he drove it with milk shake in the oil :eek:
That car is a pile......... I wouldn't give him $500 for it delivered:rolleyes:
reggie jackson

anyone happen to know what car number reggie jackson owned for the gnx?