1986 El Camino On You-tube

I don't see it either :confused: gazillion import races .. doesn't come up on a search.. "mir Import Vs Domestics Part 3 Second Race"
No, that was an organized event! Are you still crying about that...if you want I can break a piece of the trophy off and send it to you! LOL!!!!!!! :(

MIR...Import vs Domestic...November 9, 2008!

It's under part 3...2nd race!
I saw a video on another website of that car. He shifted from first to second and back to first. What a donkey!! :tongue:

OUCH!!! I watched again and could hear it going into first this time :eek: I was riding with someone in a brand spankin new 97 Camaro Z28 with a 6spd. He was going for it and at the top of 2nd he jammed it in first and the rear end was dancing all over the place until he shifted :eek: The trans never shifted quite the same after that.
yea, alot of high hp imports "nose over" when people mis-shift... If I ever drove a low 10-9 second fwd car you can best bet that I'd have a sequential shifter...

That looks scary!!!:eek: