1987 Buick Grand National **Pristine Condition**


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Jul 4, 2007
Vehicle: 1987 Buick Grand National
Mileage: 72,000 (I have put 10k myself)
Title: Clean (zero collision survivor)
Owners: 2
Maintenance: Complete service records dating back to the late 80's!!
A/C: Yes & cold
Modifications: See below
Contact: Lsb.spg@gmail.com

1987 Buick Grand National for sale. Always thought I'd keep this car forever but with my family growing, I find myself driving the car less and less. At this time, I'd prefer to pass the car along and get back into the enthusiasm of building and enjoying cars when I find the time again.
I've owned this car for five years. I looked at several Grand Nationals before finding the perfect example of a well-cared for 25-year-old performance car. Although extremely cliché, I found this GN in Moorpark, CA, and purchased it off an old lady that kept the car garaged, driving it around on weekends to circulate fluids. The family owned the car since 88, owned by the dad who passed away in the mid 90's. Having a young boy, the mom kept the car to pass it along to the boy in memory of the dad. Fast forward 20 years, boy has no interest in the GN so the family decides to part with it.
Car was pretty much bone stock when I bought it, having only been lowered on Gotti wheels (original wheels included) and with a flow-master down-pipe back exhaust system. The car had original paint, which was worn as any 80's GM 1-stage paint job would be. Soon after purchasing, I gave the car a well-deserved 3-stage refresh purchasing new window moldings and door sills from GM. The car was taken down to bare metal and was given a show-quality paint job at First-Class Auto Body, in Harbor City, CA. 10k set back but well worth it.
Over the years the car was a weekend cruiser for me and my family. In 2016, I decide to spice the performance up a bit in a tasteful way. The car was taken to none other than Turbo-Lou in Lake Forest, CA, a well-known mechanic for Grand Nationals in the community. The car was completely gone through for anything needing replacement and was upgraded with the following:

1. Pypes Cat-Back Exhaust System 2.5"
2. Cold Air Intake Kit
3. Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
4. "Hot-Wire" Fuel Pump Kit
5. RJC Down Pipe 3"
6. 60# Fuel Injectors
7. Moroso Spark Plug Wires
8. Turbo Tweak chip
9. Scanmaster
10. Auto Meter Gauges:
• Oil Pressure
• Water Temp
• Boost/Vacuum

The car will be missed, and I doubt I can find a cleaner one down the road, but perhaps I'll try restoring something different. Car has ZERO RUST, ZERO CORROSION, bone dry-California vehicle that has NEVER seen a collision. I have used OE parts only to restore it (AC Delco & GM etc.) I am looking to get 28k for it. Car is located in Hawthorne, CA. Finding a car documented this way is rare so I need the car to go to an enthusiast that will respect and appreciate that. SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY!! *******NO TRADES*******








I don't agree with ugly, but I do agree to put the stockers back on. Will make it easier to sell, plus that paint makes the rims look really beat.
Nice car but do yourself a favor and put the stock rims on! Those rims are butt ugly. GLWS

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