1987 Buick Grand National - Well maintained hardtop with upgrades

It is. I've got a few requests for better pics of the hail dings. I'll try to figure out a better way to see them and upload new pics. They're small and hard to photograph.

Pics taken in a garage don't show well. Suggest an outside setting.
Chuck, thank you for the advice. I'll get some more pictures and upload them for everyone to see.

Sorry for the picture delays, got my hands full at home.
I've decided to keep the car for now.

After spending some time getting it freshened up (haven't used it much for the past 2 years), spring cleaning, etc., I remembered how much fun it is.

I appreciate everyone's interest in this thread and in PMs. Hope those who are still looking for a GN find theirs soon!

(Mods, please feel free to delete the thread if you'd like.)