1987 buick regal t-type wing?

1987 buick 57

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Apr 20, 2009
i have a 1987 buick regal t-type with 57,000 orignal miles t-tops white paint burgandy interior it dont have the grand national rear spoiler it has a pedistal mounted wing thats black like the rest of the trim. it looks great and from inside the trunk looks factory.

my question was the wing an option or some kind of dealer add on?. THANK YOU
Is it similar to the Hurst/Olds wing? or a ricer type wing? Pics would be helpful but I don't think any other wing was offered. Could be a dealer installed item if someone wanted one on there.
i had a wing on my gn when i bought it. it looks like the one that kenne bell used to sell back in the day. i personally hate it thats why i took it off. who knows, maybe someone will like it and buy it from me:biggrin: