1987 Ford Knock Sensor ???


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Jun 4, 2008
I've replaced the oil pan on a 87 F-150, 5.0L. Raised engine and broke a sensor @ back of intake I hadn't ck'd for.

Appear's to be a knock sensor. No listing to fit 5.0 @ local parts stores or dealer.

Only place I find them are on eBay, and they list for every engine Except the 5.0

Std. Prod. has a KS13, to fit Ford light trucks, no details of which engines.

The KS60 has same plug-in, list's for all motors smaller than 5.0

Is there a likely difference between these items of identical appearance?

Can anyone help me find what I'm searching for?
Can you take a pic of the location and one of the sensor for me to see? I might be able to help if I had a better idea of what the part looks like.
Here's the KS13 on eBay. It doesn't break down engine sizes it's for, just "light trucks", probably Ranger's w 2.9L like the others. Like I said, it's located at top rear of intake. It's impossible to photograph. It's behind the reinstalled upper intake and under the smog tube. Honestly it looks like an oil sender. Only the plug-in gives it away for being a match to this eBay listing. But it's like Ford and the world won't admit they used a knock sensor on 5.0's in '87. Removes with a 1-1/8" wrench so you know scale.

I've looked at other year 5.0's in friends trucks and they don't have it.

Try going up 1 year. Ford's notorious for putting newer parts on last years model. You may have a late model 87 which has 88 parts on it.

We are unable to locate any vehicle information from the VIN you have entered. Please verify if you entered the correct VIN. For further assistance please contact us.

Truck must be a figment of my imagination!!!

Creepy part is the VIN ends in -666

Built 12/86

I did try eBaying an 88. Same selection of sensors for every motor smaller than the 5.0 w/ that sensor, and the different one for the 5.8

No sensor listing anywhere for a 5.0L. This is really odd considerring the following the 5.0 has (????)