1987 GN Driver side seat or seat material in Great Shape


My 1987 GN had it's driver side seat/material replaced at one point or another so I would like to replace the seat/material with the correct Factory GM product. Please send me what you have and price please! Thanks, Jeff

ive delt with g body..nice stuff no disapointmen...brian is all about coming up with nice stuff for these cars,,,anyone seen the the billit pull straps yet wow..i just ordered carpet..top notch...thnking of doin the seats next..l
Guys, I know Brian well myself. Him and I have dealt back and forth for years and I have nothing but good to say about Brian but GNXjeff if you have original material in your car and order just one cover or even both front covers it will NOT match the rest of your car. The original upholstery has been GONE for years and is VERY hard to find anymore. Some of the aftermarket is green gray, bluish gray, ect. Now if you do all the seats it will take a good GN guy to tell the difference. The REAL gray pallex will be date coded on the back in black stenciling letters and numbers. Even it has some differences in color as the dye lots change. I know this as I have quite abit of the original gray pallex I have collected threw the years and it is even alittle off in it's gray shade as you look from piece to piece. So be prepared.!!
I have an original upper passenger seat back and two head rests-all in very good condition-$75. Shipped for everything-matt 347-680-8642.