WTB: Driver side Power Seat switch escutcheon/mounting bezel


Hi! Does anyone have the funky pre-86(?) driver side power seat switch mounting bezel/housing/escutcheoon thingy shown below, but that's in good condition and not dried out and cracked/broken etc? I didn't see a GM part number molded in this part anywhere. Or does anyone know if these are reproduced? Thanks in advance for nay help here ...
John A, Turbohh 100_6503.JPG100_6504.JPG100_6505.JPG
Dragging this back up to the top ... Anyone have one of these, or know if it's being reproduced?
John A, Turbohh
I have what you are looking for. I need to find the box it is hiding in and I will send you a couple pictures. Years ago I purchased a set of Lear Seigler seats from an "84 GN. If you need any other parts of the front seat bases I probably have those also. Please send me an email address or a phone number as that is the simplest method for me to send you the pictures.