1987 GN in Oklahoma City - $8500

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Well, I'm sad to say this, but it's time to sell my Buick :frown:

1987 Grand National

The car is mostly stock with just a few mods. It has been a garaged daily driver almost its whole life. I believe the car was owned by the original owner up until 5 years ago, when someone owned it for 6 months or so and then sold it to me.


Mechanical: The engine, transmission, and rear differential are all original and never rebuilt. The engine has had the normal fixes (steel geared timing set and valve springs) done. The Chevy/Buick dealer in Joplin, Missouri that the original owner got it serviced at told me it had a valve job done 7-8 years ago. Overall, the car drives nice and still pulls strong at 15psi of boost. I have never turned it up over 16-17 psi. The driver's side header is cracked.

I bought the car with 155,000 miles on it, and have put another 20,000 on it over 3 years as my daily driver and 2 as a weekend cruiser. The car is in good condition for it's age and mileage.

Exterior: The paint isn't perfect, but it looks great from 10 feet. It has a few rock chips and imperfections in the paint, but is very presentable. There are a few door dings also. The passenger side rear original bumper filler is cracked, but hasn't rotted out, the other original bumper fillers are in good condition. The only thing resembling rust is a bit of surface rust on the inside upper lip of the trunk where the seal leaks. Even the underbody of the car was spotless until I had an issue with a valve cover gasket when I checked the valve springs...

Interior: The main issues with the interior are a couple tears in the driver's seat and another very small rip on the top of the rear seat. The chrome trim in the interior has also peeled up partially. The top dash insert plastic is cracked.

-Hooker catback and cat delete pipe
-Solid MAF pipe and K&N filter
-50# injectors, TurboTweak chip for 91 octane, and Adjustable FPR
-Dutt neck intercooler
-Walbro fuel pump and hot wire kit
-VDO boost, Water temp, and oil pressure gauges
-DirectScan (no laptop included)
-new rear tires (255/60/15)

Extra parts:
-stock injectors/FPR/chip
-Extra Coil pack/Ignition Module
-NOS GM Ignition Module (untested)
-extra set of headers

I'm sure I'm missing a lot, but overall it's a nice car for someone looking for a driver or a drivable project car. It's by no means a show car, but it still gets the looks and compliments all the time. I've driven it on several 600+ mile road trips this last fall and haven't had a single problem with it.

I'm looking to get $8500 for it. I'll also consider partial trades involving a clean full size v8 pickup (preferably 4x4 and late 90s/early 00s valued up to around $3-4000)

(I'll post pictures below)
Also the wheels aren't in perfect condition (some minor paint and some pitting in the chrome in the small "trench" in the inside of the wheel). The center caps are also not in great condition, with one of them missing the turbo 6 emblem.

The A/C works, but needs to be topped off (it's been converted to 134a already), and the radiator has the tiniest leak. I'm not sure how, but it leaks a little (no drips), and never gets low in the reservoir.


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more pictures


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more pics


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I was wondering if your car is still for sale.
I am in Bartlesville and was planning on contacting you about coming down this weekend but obviously the weather is not going to cooperate.
I am hoping maybe the next weekend.......just making sure the car is available before making plans.

Bradley Cobb

Car is still for sale. Sent you a PM.

I have a 87 TR silver with maroon interior and astro roof. very rare car

about 90 percent restored. no rust

but I want a black 87 GN. a trade would be cool or sale for $11,000

call me ASAP about this 615-306-0800 Robert
I have a 87 TR silver with maroon interior and astro roof. very rare car

about 90 percent restored. no rust

but I want a black 87 GN. a trade would be cool or sale for $11,000

call me ASAP about this 615-306-0800 Robert

Sorry, the car sold locally a couple months ago and I forgot to take the ad down. Admins can lock this thread. Thanks.
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