1987 Grand National, cosmetic issues, but 10.60's at 130!


There are two Videos here from Sac Raceway in April: http://www.norcal1320media.com/Sacraceway041605/

specifically those links are:


and the backup run...this time in 3rd gear not short shifting to 4th...this is the 2nd run ever.


There are only 2 complete 1/4mile passes on this car as shown above. No more no less. There's more in it as you can see from the lack of traction on the launch.

Here are the mods list:


JE forged pistons. 0.020" over
Forged steel mains w/ ARP studs
Rods have been bushed on the small end for JE piston pins w/ARP rod bolts
ARP studs for heads
Balanced reciprocating assembly
Ported Champion GN1 aluminum heads
Severe duty stainless steel valves
Professionally ported by Todd Mckenzie Cylinder heads in Oxnard Ca.
Duttweiler Spec hydraulic roller Cam (it's a really healthy cam )
True double roller timing chain
Hartline cast aluminum valve covers
Scorpion roller rockers
Aftermarket pushrods
PTE front cover
high volume oil pump
ATR stainless headers
3" stainless downpipe
Innovative Turbo T72 R trim turbo
ATR single shot stainless 3" exhaust and stainless muffler. Dumps in front of rear axle. PTE front mount intercooler
Accufab 70mm throttle body
BHJ aftermarket balancer
Billet top adj. fuel pressure regulator
72lb Siemans fuel injectors
Billet IAC relocator
Phenolic spacer with RJC aluminium power plate
PTE polished high flow upper plenum (dog house)
ATR 3" stainless steel single shot with turndown in front of axle.

Urethane H&R motor mounts
All body bushings replaced with Energy Suspension Polyurethane bushings
6 point Chromoly roll bar. Door bars are swing-out and detacheable. 5 point driver Simpson racing harness
Wolfe racecraft adjustable rear anti-roll bar
Eibach springs on all 4 corners (1" lower all the way around)'
Hotchkiss rear suspension brace
Hotchkiss boxed and powder coated rear control arms (all 4)
Fiberglass hood
Aluminum bumper supports front and rear
Aluminum front bumper shock replaced stock steel bumper shock

Drive train
Performance Transmissions of Las Vegas 200r4 with 1st gear trans brake (rebuilt in Winter of 2005)
200R4 with lots of upgrades.
Performance Trans deep aluminum tranny pan
Forged Moser rear axles
9" 911 torque converter
MT ET Street RADIALS (275 60 15") new only 500 miles old (new in Summer of 2005)

Innovative Turbo Electronic Boost controller
The A/C has been deleted. The condensor is included. The heater box is intact and remains installed. No rear speakers
Roof has been damaged from hood flying open
Custom installed shifter
New OEM rebuilt starter motor (new in Spring of 2005)
FAST ECU setup for street or strip. FAST is Wide Band enabled and is SEQUENTIAL option enabled.
Runs 10.60's at 130mph at 27 psi of boost on old Hoosier DOT tires. Will easily do better on ET with slicks. Probably 10.20's.
New OEM rebuilt alternator (new in Winter of 2004)
New HD radiator core (new in Spring of 2005)
New gel type 12V battery (New in Winter of 2004)
New driver and pass side window strips.
New Driver's side body weather strip (new in Summer of 2005)
New windshield wiper arm (passenger side) (New in Summer of 2005)
Dual SX pumps (Each pump good for 700 to 800hp)
Dual SX fuel filters
-8AN stainless braided fuel line
Two -8AN outlets out of a 16 gallon plastic sump located in the trunk.
power door locks
power windows
Autometer Carbon Fiber Tach 5" face with peak recall
Autometer Carbon Fiber electronic oil pressure gauge
Autometer Carbon Fiber electronic 30 to 30lb boost gauge (electric recall/peak/alam function)

It runs 10.60's at 130 with 26 to 27lbs of boost on a specially built 200R4 with a trans brake from Len's Transmission of Las Vegas.

With real slicks and that MPH, it "should" do 10.20's. If you turn the boost up to 34 psi it may dip into the 9's. But I don't want to push this stock block that far.

It has a crap load of mods as you can see above. I'm asking $17,000.00. The trans is fresh and withstands the torque and weight of the car. The trans will not destroy itself the day you buy it.

But, there are paint chips, scratches and roof that's crumpled due to the previous owner not checking if the hood pins were left on the car.
The driver's seat is ripped, but the rest of the interior is decent and there are no rips in any of the passenger seats. The climate control has been disconnected but the power door locks and windows work perfectly.

When you think of all the "new" cars you could buy, I think this has more attitude than your typical Mitsu EVO. Which cost $29,000.00 to $33,000.00 and can only muster mid to low 13's with the right driver.

My email address is cchow@gene.com