1987 Hard Top GN


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Just over 100,000 miles,
3.8 Liter V-6 Turbo,
Runs Strong,
Have seat covers for all seats that I got a few years ago that are from a very low mileage GN, that look almost new.
Have bigger Fuel Injectors (36lb Ford Blue Tops and chips for the ECM)
Used Driver’s side Header that has never been cracked. The one that is one this right now is cracked.
Have Spare Brake Accumulator (Brake Bowl)
Rear Main seal, oil pan gasket, 160 degree thermostat, Scan Master 2.0, A-Pillar gauges (Volts and Boost and Vacuum)
Rear Seat brace, Heavy duty Valve springs, Blue Spark plug wires 8.5mm, New Washer and Overflow bottles, and I am sure I have some other things to go with it.
The truck ID label was signed by the creator of the Grand National, Molly. The Grand National was the fastest US production car from 1987 to 1991. I have raced this out at Cordova Drag way and the best time I got was in the low 14's. For a stock vehicle that is pretty darn good. Everything on this car is original, except the tires and regular maintaince. I need to sell this to get some bills paid off, I will consider any reasonable offer around $10,500. Please call 563-529-4301


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Lowered Price!!!

Ok, I really need to get rid of this. The price is now $9,000.00. I am the second owner of the car and there is no rust on this at all. I have more pic's that I can email, just give me your email address. The car is in Iowa and I would trust it to drive any where.
any body/paint work needed? also, has there been any tranny/rear end issues or parts replaced? I have a friend interested in it, and he has already or will be in touch with you. He just asked that I do some research for him while he's on vacation. Also, if you could post or send a link to some pics. My e-mail is bader@rebbecpontiacbuick.com

It's a column guard. It basically is an anti theft device. It was made so that thiefs can't get to the ignition and try to steal it. That goes with it as well.