1987 T - 30,000 miles

Lower price $16,000.00. I bought it in January of 2004 with about 24,500 miles. Current mileage is right at 30,000. Car is located just oustide of Jackson, Mississippi.

Dark metallic blue, blue interior and chrome package. It has bucket seats, console, posi, p/w, p/d, rear defroster, cruise and more. I have a complete owner history on the car. I believe the paint is original from conversations with prior owners and examination by a friend who was a GM rep. I have some of the original paperwork including sales receipt. Probably one of the last T's made. I believe it sold in June of 87.

I scored 93/100 at the 2006 GS Nationals car show. It also ran a 12.4 with about 19 or 20 pounds of boost and a street chip. I think the car has more in it, but rain kept me from making any more passes. That is the only time I have had the car on the track and, to my knowledge, the only time the car has ever been on a drag strip. When I purchased the car, it still had the original Good Year Eagle tires on it.

I have spoken to all but one of the prior owners who is now deceased. About 75% of the car's total mileage was put on in the first 3 or 4 years. One fellow kept it in his basement on astroturf for about 10 years and only put about 500 miles on it during that time. He did take it to the GS Nationals twice during the mid 1990's as a show car.

Modifications include:

Limit Engineering TA 49 turbo with factory housing
42.5 injectors
Dutweiller big neck on factory intercooler with repro intercooler tag
ATR 3" Houston style stainless steel downpipe with internal wastegate
ATR 2.5" stainless steel dual exhaust with pit bull mufflers
ATR oversize rear sway bar
Red Armstrong Volt Booster
Red Armstrong XP fuel pump
Hot wire kit
K&N air filter
Turbotweak chip for 93 octane fuel
Scanmaster 2.1
Knock gauge
VDO boost gauge
Shift kit
Comp Cams 212/212 camshaft with new lifters
New rear main seal - NO oil leaks
255/60 Mickey Thompson drag radials (about 250 miles on them)
N.O.S. front headlight bezels
Kirban rear seat braces
Kirban front under body braces
Kodiak West turbo cover
N.O.S. radiator and washer bottles
New dark blue front floor mats with turbo emblem embroidered in it
All chrome and stainless are excellent.
All bumper fillers are soft and in very good condition - no cracks.
New, professionally installed, headliner and sunvisors. Correct color and style of material
Very nice hood ornament.
Hood bulge emblems are excellent. One is original and one is N.O.S.
No wear on original carpet.
Brand new AC Delco battery

The power antenna is not working (stuck in the up position). The a/c does have a leak. There are a few small chips here and there in the paint. Aftermarket CD player does not work, but radio does. I have an original Buick radio/tape player with the EQ (from one of Dennis Kirban's personal cars) that can be negotiated in the sale. Front speakers need to be replaced.

When I purchased the car, I had a Car Fax run which was clean. I have not had any accidents with the car. Geoff Burroughs at Jackson Cylinder Head Service, a turbo Buick specialist, has done all the work on the car and is very familiar with it. I can provide his information as a reference on the car. There are other TB members who I can provide as a reference on the car as well. Car has no rattles and drives tight.

Additional information and pictures are available.

Thanks for looking,


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More pictures

More pictures. The car was undercoated at the dealership so, the brown you see in the door jam is undercoating, not rust.


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More. The yellow hose in the engine compartment is for a fuel pressure gauge. I borrowed the gauge from a buddy, so that will be removed prior to the sale.


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One more group

Thanks guys for the comments. Here's a couple final pictures. Note - the leather on the steering wheel and markings on the turn signal lever are each excellent. Very minimal wear on the edge of the driver's seat.


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wow this is what i was looking for 4 yrs ago , i was lucky to find a real nice clean gn , but i so want one of these blue with the blue interior , sorry to see you sell her , i would keep that forever . good luck with the sale worth every penny.
Wow I wish I had an extra $16k laying around and a bigger garage! That car is hot! Good luck with the sale. Someone will be very lucky to own such a beautiful car.
Thanks guys for the compliments. I purchased this car intending to keep it for the long haul and, therefore, do hate to get rid of the car. I'll miss the car, but, hopefully, can get back in something before too long!

I'll be glad to provide any additional information for interested parties.

i cant believe this car is still for sale!! i had a limited with a half top the same color and sold it. i love that color!!
PM responded.

Thanks for the compliments. Car has generated some interest, but no sale yet. I really hate to sell it - intended to keep it for the long haul. Within the last 15 months, we bought a bigger house and then had four major expenses occur after buying the house. Now, wife wants to come home from work. Would like some cash cushion.

If sale takes place, hopefully I can get back in something before too long. I'm sure I'll have withdrawals. Took the car out this weekend to get a state inspection. Had about three techs come over to give it a look! Mileage today is 29,951.