1987 Turbo Regal Silver with blue interior.


9 Sec Wanna-Be
May 25, 2001
$14,900. Might part it out if it don't sell.

Being offered locally on Craigslist.

Car has only 1600 miles on it since I started driving it. Original lady owner said it had 190,000 when I bought it Dec 2008. I am the second owner and I am the person that done ALL the work you see here listed and in the pictures....including painting and body work.

All you need to know....right here!

Listed below are preventive maintenance or appearance enhancements BEFORE RESTORATION. I started fixing these problem areas soon after I bought the car.

Cleaned inside and outside of vehicle. Including the door jambs and under the package shelf just behind the rear window on the outside.
Thorough safety inspection before driving vehicle.
Reline front brakes with new seals and pads. Turned the rotors and repacked the wheel bearings.
Inspected, cleaned and adjusted the rear brakes.
Oil change, lubed chassis and checked all fluid levels.
Adjusted transmission shift cable.
Cleaned the rims
Cleaned engine compartment (still dirty)
Fixed the interior lights and under hood light.
Fixed hood latch so hood will release when inside cable is pulled.
Adjusted shift linkage after putting body bushings in
Adjusted steering gear
Front end alignment
Serviced Transmission
Serviced differential
Serviced Powermaster (replaced fluid in entire brake system)

Listed below are items that are BRAND NEW...NOT USED! "DONE" means it's already been purchased or installed; ( ) means quantity of item.

145 Speedo (recalibrated speedometer...no reducers used): DONE
A/C-Vent chrome surrounds (3): DONE
A/C condenser, high efficiency: DONE
A/C Compressor: (NOT DONE)
A/C Hoses: DONE
A/C Drier: DONE
A/C 134A Freon change-over with fittings:
Orifice Tube: DONE
Ball joints Upper (2): DONE
Ball joints Lower (2): DONE
Belt: Serpentine DONE
Body to frame bushings: DONE
Body Side Moldings, Chome/black DONE
Boost gauge...mechanical analog: DONE
Bulbs, #1157 x 6 turn signal/brake - front and rear: DONE
Bulbs, #194 x 8 side markers front and rear: DONE
Bulb, console shift indicator: DONE
Chrome/black body side moldings: DONE
Chrome reproduction grill: (1) DONE
Chrome OEM Headlight bezels: (2) DONE
Chrome OEM side marker lenses: (2) DONE
Chrome door handles (2): DONE
Chrome OEM entry moldings (the BODY BY FISHER pieces) (2): DONE
Chrome Oil Fill Tube and filter kit; DONE
Chrome center caps for rims (4) DONE
Chrome Blower motor cover; DONE
Chrome EGR cover: DONE
Chrome Fuel Pressure line: DONE
Chrome Hood Shock covers: DONE
Chrome Powermaster reservoir cover DONE
Chrome coolant jug cap; DONE
Chrome turbo inlet pipe: DONE
Chrome intercooler up pipe: DONE
Chrome valve cover fin inserts: DONE
Carpet (1): DONE
Carpet, re-upholster rear window package shelf: DONE
Carpet Jute insulation: DONE
Cruise/Turn signal lever (1): DONE
Coolant Overflow jug: DONE
Drag link (1): DONE
Dome Light Lens: DONE
Dome Light clips (2): DONE
Door panel clips: DONE
Door panel carpet, lower dark blue (2): DONE
Door lock cylinder rubber gaskets (2): DONE
Door weather-strip... upper and lower (both doors): (4) DONE
Door hinge pin/bushing rebuild kits (4): DONE
Door handle gaskets (2) DONE
Diamond cut aftermarket headlight lenses (4) DONE
Engine Mounts(2): DONE
Emblem, fender "T" (2) DONE
Emblem, "BUICK" chrome for rear of trunk(1): DONE
Emblem, "3.8 SFI TURBO" chrome rear of trunk(1): DONE
Emblem, "REGAL" Quarter panel chrome (2) DONE
Emblem, "3.8 SFI TURBO" Hood(2): DONE
Emblem, Trunk lock cylinder: DONE
Emblem, "C pillar" square emblem DONE
Fuel Pump: DONE
Gauge holder...twin gauge, console mount: DONE
GM Ignition and Trunk keys (4) DONE
Gas Tank: DONE
HID headlight kits...2 kits - bright and dim lights. DONE
Heater Hoses: DONE
Hood Shocks (2) DONE
Hood Ornament (1) DONE
Hood Insulation (1) DONE
Headliner material (1) DONE
Headlight switch DONE
Idler arm (1): DONE
Ignition lock Cylinder (1) DONE
Leather Steering wheel, Reconditioned: DONE
License Plate bulb: DONE
Overlay Kit, Simulated aluminum Console Shift plate: DONE
Overlay, Radio bezel (2) DONE
Overlay, RH Dash plaque (1) DONE
Overlay, Upper door panel pull-strap: (Probably will not install the door straps at all)
Pinstripe, dark blue metallic: DONE
Pad, Accelerator pedal (1) DONE
Pad, Brake Pedal (1) DONE
Pad, Emergency Brake pedal (1) DONE
Power door lock switches (2) DONE
Power window switches (2) DONE
Power Antenna mast repair kit (2) (one is for the Grand National too) DONE
Power Antenna, upper mounting nut, chrome: DONE
Power Antenna Tip, chrome: DONE
Power Brake Booster - Remanufactured Powermaster: DONE
Radiator: DONE
Radiator upper hose: DONE
Radiator lower hose: DONE
Rear window filler pan clips: DONE
Shifter handle (1) DONE
Shocks (4): DONE
Seat belt guides on headrests: DONE
Seat upholstery...front DONE
Seat upholstery, Rear DONE
Speakers, Front 2 way 3.5" with tweeters DONE
Speakers, Rear 6x9 with adaptors DONE
Speaker panel for upper dash (1) DONE
Steering Column to firewall seal (1) DONE
Stainless Steel Exhaust System, Pypes brand, dual 2.5": DONE
Sticker, Belt routing: DONE
Sticker, Caution Fan: DONE
Sticker, Oil Recommendations: DONE
Sticker, Air Filter: (Not applicable. Installed a K&N 9" cone): NOT INSTALLED YET
Sticker, Jacking Instructions: NOT INSTALLED YET
Sticker, SPID label (options label under trunk lid): NOT INSTALLED YET
Sticker, Coil Pack: NOT INSTALLED YET
Tachometer: Aftermarket Analog (1) Not hooked up
Tie rod ends, outer (2): DONE
Tie rod ends, inner (2): DONE
Tires, P235-60-15, factory optioned with white letter tires (4) DONE
Trunk weather-strip (1) DONE
Trunk lock chrome emblem (1) DONE
Trunk Carpet (1) DONE
Trunk lock cylinder rubber gasket DONE
Upper control arm bushings on both sides (4): DONE
Upper Door panels (2) DONE
Window Tint, 35%: DONE
Window molding clips...front and rear DONE
Window guide felts DONE
Windshield, DONE
Windshield Wiper refills: DONE
Windshield wiper jug: DONE
Window sweeps...inner and outer (both doors) (4) DONE

Listed below are items that are "used" but VERY NICE:

Arm rests (2) DONE
A-pillar trim (2) DONE
B-pillar trim (2) DONE
Brake Light assembly, rear (2)
C pillar trim (2) DONE
CD Player, OEM*from a 1999 S-10 Blazer DONE
Heater control cable: DONE
Lower door panels: (2) DONE
Mirror, rear view, used with compass display:
Quarter glass chrome inserts: DONE
Sun visors (2) DONE
Seat trim pieces for sides of seats (4): DONE
Seat belts Inner front: DONE
Steering Shaft...from Jeep Cherokee from column to gear DONE
Tail Lamp Bezels, chrome (2): DONE
Tail Lamp lenses, (2) DONE
Third brake light assembly (1) DONE
Trunk lid (1) DONE

Listed below is what I've done to existing parts to cosmetically improve the appearance of the car.

Installed a Buick LeSABRE analog instrument cluster: DONE
Chrome plated all exterior trim pieces...rear hood, lower trunk, A pillar, B pillar, drip edge, windshield, rear window, upper door: DONE
Chromed Bumpers; Sent out front bumper to have re-chromed and bought a re-chromed rear bumper: DONE
Cleaned, bead blasted and painted windshield wiper motor assembly: DONE
Cleaned and painted front part of frame: DONE
Cleaned and pained firewall: DONE
Cleaned and painted blower motor: DONE
Cleaned and painted wiper motor: DONE
Cleaned and painted wiper transmission & lubed: DONE
Cleaned and painted inner fenders and fender wells: DONE
Cleaned and painted radiator support: DONE
Cleaned and painted miscellaneous under hood brackets: DONE
Cleaned under hood wiring harnesses: DONE
Removed, cleaned and painted steering column: DONE
Polished 4 fender well moldings: DONE
Polished A/C evaporator lines to a mirror shine: DONE
Polished all exterior lock cylinders: DONE
Undercoat exterior floor boards while engine and transmission was out: DONE
Rims, bead blasted and applied clear coat: DONE

Listed below is what I've done to upgrade/improve the car overall as a "driver".

Installed a FAST START IGNITION system: DONE
Installed window regulator "helper" springs to help the window motors roll up faster: DONE
Installed a CD Player: DONE
Installed 'jute" backing material to help out on noise and to help the a/c and heater output: DONE
Installed 6x9 rear speakers and two way front speakers: DONE
Installed a lighter/hollow IROC-Z anti roll bar: NOT DONE
Installed a lighter F body aluminum radiator: DONE
Boxed in radiator to make all incoming air through grill go through condenser/radiator: DONE
Rebuild engine.....maybe to have 375 to 400HP at 17psi of boost. DONE
Rebuild transmission...no specs yet but needs to handle 400+HP (Works fine right now but will rebuild at a later...)









Engine specs...

Ported Stock Iron Heads w/1.77 intake valves
Ported Stock Intake
62mm Throttle Body
Billet Roller w/.510 lift and 210 duration
2 and a half stock intercoolers
PTE 6262E, Billet, Double Ball Bearing Turbo
Precision 2800 LU Converter
60lb Mototron Injectors
Stainless e-Bay headers (fit almost perfect)
3" downpipe with external ATR wastegate
2 1/2" Pypes Stainless dual exhaust system with stainless mufflers
Posi with 3.42 Gears
Plus the usual upgrades 160*, volt booster...etc.

I also added the following...
"FAST START" Ignition System (for faster start-ups within 1/3 of a crank revolution)
Gerotor oil pump for the front timing cover

I took it to the 1/8th dragstrip one time with 215-65-15 tires and it ran a 8.44 at 87mph with 12-13psi of boost.




Did I read it right that you might part this most beautiful car out???, also how was the dash going in, easy, pita and what year Le sabre was it, looks like it belongs there, wish you were not so far away and it is a little out of my budget as I'm looking to buy another after I screwed up and sold mine several months ago, very much good luck with the sale of this pretty car, thanks.

That car is just BEAUTIFUL. Good luck with the sale. Please don't part such a beautiful work of art.

Cleaned engine compartment (still dirty)?????????
Whats dirty?
I cant imagine seeing this car in person. Go figure Im broke.
Thats alot stuff for the money. GLWS
Car is off the market at this time.

Will update this thread if deal fall though.
interior is stunning
when you have time please tell us about the cluster(speedo,tach) love it...

dont sell it

Talking with someone at the moment about buying this car. In the mean time here are some more pictures...






This is a STOCK intercooler that is tied in to a stock location STRETCH intercooler. I have gone 107mph in the 8th mile using this intercooler on my Malibu.


Misc pictures. These are older pictures though. The 145speedo dash had been removed and a LeSabre dash cluster has been installed. Also, the aluminized dash bezel inserts are not there any more due to the LeSabre cluster upgrade.








Theses are the brackets I made to hold the HID light ballast's. There are located below the headlights.



The factory speed control volume on this radio works like a charm. As the car increases speed, the radio automatically raises the volume level! :D


LED side marker lights. I made them to complerely "fill" the lense with light...