1987 Turbo Regal Silver with blue interior.









Well its already been said but..

Christ! :eek: That thing is god damn amazing looking! Silver and chrome.. thing looks brand new. Definitely a beautiful piece done right. And where did you get those tri-shield center caps I've never seen those before and I like! :cool: Good luck with the sale though with that car you sure as hell wont need it!

Did this sell?

Waiting for a guy to make a decision right now. If he backs out, the car will be sold on a "first come first serve" basis. I'm not going to hold it for anyone else. Who ever has the money will get the car. If anyone wants to come look at it on person, I will meet you at a public place in my home town.:)
I will be at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina showing this car on August 27th if anyone wants to come take a look.

For more information click here-----> Charlotte Auto Fair

EDIT: Changed the date to August 27th.
It has to be hard to sell something you have that much time and money into!! Great job with everything you did!!
It has to be hard to sell something you have that much time and money into!! Great job with everything you did!!


As the car sits right now, (after all the work has been done) I've never washed it with a garden hose and I've never been driven it in the rain. I clean the car by using a duster, a shop air hose, a wash rag and a bucket of water. I just dip the wash rag in the water, wring it out and then wipe.....just as you would with a new born baby.:D The car is not perfect but it will turn heads.

It's time to lose money and move on to the next project.:)
Do me a favor and sell this Beauty before I get home from Afghanistan.
I really don't wanna hear my wife's mouth if I pull up in that.
Under the carpet. Sand blasted, sand papered and wire brushed all the floor, repaired two rust spots by welding in new metal. One spot was under the drivers foot area and the other was on the passenger rear foot. Patch spots were about 3"x2" and 2"x1". The floors on the outside looks good also.



Car went down to bare metal and all seam sealer on the exterior was replaced including around the firewall. Aged and cracked seam sealer was where the water was getting in the car and under the carpet.





The door jambs...both on the body and doors, the trunk lid, the hood...all of it was painted base coat - clear coat at the same time to eliminate any paint lines or overspray.




Entire interior was covered with carpet jute to help eliminate road noise and to help the heating and A/C. I put it above the headliner, below the carpet, behind the door panels, behind the rear seat, all around the "B" and "C" pillars....it's everywhere!


If you have not visited my web page about this car, please do so. There are A LOT more pictures of the car than I could possibly post on this thread.

very nice job on the car. just dont want to take it down to what I want to do. thanks anyway on the info. good luck with it.