1987 turbobuick regal Xmas present project body damage

I'd really hate to see one of you guys get badly burned on this one. Everybody needs to take a step back and think about it. The car's in Florida. I don't think I need to tell any of you about its terrible humidity and the damage it can quickly cause to a car left sitting in that type of environment. What may have once been a good car, can very easily become a cancer case.

Now, fenders and a front clip aren't too big a deal. But, how about damage to the core support, the gearbox, or the frame underneath the core support? What about damage to the a arms or spindles? I'd personally want to have a car like this lasered on a frame machine to coordinate all points. But then again, maybe it was a minor impact? Judging from the pics, now about that. It's really hard to tell much, if anything about the impact from them. Which, right there may be a huge red flag. Is the seller trying to downplay the force of the impact and the extent of the damage?

Getting back to Florida and its terrible humidity, you need to be asking the seller how long has the car been down for, how and where has the car been stored during this time, and to see recent pics of its undercarriage(get and put today's newspaper in those pics). Again, be careful with this one. Who knows what lies ahead? Don't regret not spending more and saving yourself all the headaches associated with projects like this.

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It is considered best practices in a social media open forum platform not to make judgmental statements; especially if all the facts are not in.
I believe we all would agree on that.
This car has been garage kept the majority of its life and I did reveal there is minor rust on bottom of door which I have a rust free solid replacement door for it. In addition the impact speed was sliding in rain at 20 MPH. The vehicle that was hit in rear had a small indentation at the trunk ornament lock. Not even visible unless you squinted from 15 feet away. Thank you for acknowledging.
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If you're trying to sell this car, you're doing a lousy job of it. You post a handful of awful pics. No details on the car, options, interior, etc. This is a niche car, and you have a captive audience. More than likely, your buyer is gonna be from out of state since the only people that know what a Turbo limited is are here on this board.

Also, You've been on the board since 2008, and don't know how to access private messages? Then after somebody explains how to find em, you still never respond to mine.
I'm out. Good luck.