1987 White Turbo T - low 10 second car

It is a 200-4r. Not a trans expert but how would it go into overdrive if it was setup as non-lockup?
Sorry I was mistaken. My trans still has overdrive but not lockup so basically the same results as I was trying to point out. When cruising on the
highway the RPM's won't drop as it would with lockup so gas mileage does suffer a little.
No problem, just wanted clarification.
I neglected to put this in the original list of upgrades but the trans is a 200-4R Stage 2 built by Lonnie Diers at Extreme Automatics. It is non-lock as well as the PTC conv. It has a StageRight transbrake.
I PM'D you, can you also send more pics and info as well on the car. Either via a PM or email. Thanks, and this is still for sale correct?