1987 White Turbo T - low 10 second car

Nice. I wish I had to the time to come out and test drive this. I've been doing a cost estimate of building a low 10s car and my thinking is that I could buy a low 10s car for a little more. Do you have any video of this car?
Size of rims are 15x7(front) and 15x8(rear).

I do have video but unfortunately not of any 10.3-10.2 runs. Lots of timeslips though Have some 10.5-10.4 runs on video. I will try to put it on here but never done it so not sure how.
Ok I checked out the video and unfortunately it's from farther back than I thought. It has some 10.7-10.6 runs. I videotaped it with my camcorder and copied that via my DVD recorder which is in DVD VIDEO format so I don't how or if I can post that. If you would like to see those runs I would need assistance on how to post the video. I can post some timeslips.
Scott....How is the paint condition? Is it spiderwebbed or checked? Is it flat and worn, or still have some gloss to it.
I really, really wish you were closer. I've been considering selling my GN for an already built car....and I always wanted a white one.
The car was a daily driver here in AZ so the paint is a little weathered. Sides are in great shape. Rear deck, roof and hood are not as shiny but still glossy.
I buffed out the top part of the car years ago and it looked really good. It could use another buff out mainly because it has a light mist of VHT on it. Can't really see it but can feel it. I just did a small spot with some polishing compound and it looked great. Hood has some checking but minimal. That's normal though, my 42K GN has some checking on the hood with the original paint and I've kept that car under a cover since I bought it new in 87.
Thanks for the info. If you do sale, just let us know. You have several interested buyers. I just need to convince my wife. The only bad thing is, she is going to demand that I give her my GN.

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You should bring it out to Wild Horse Pass this weekend, it's the Southwest Nostalgia Drags. There's a swap meet, too.

Slap a "For Sale" sign on it and make a pass or two.

April 5th is Pontiac Heaven out there, that might be a good day, too.
I need to update the asking price for this car to $15,000 Firm. I feel that this is a bargain and a very fair price. I will not go any lower than that.
Some other things I would like to add that I didn't think of originally. The trans/conv on the car are non-lockup so there is no overdrive. It still drives fine on the street and highway but with no overdrive the MPG will suffer. I never thought about that because I always drove the car in kill mode running pure C-16. Obviously I didn't take the car on long trips as it would have cost me a fortune in gas. If you want this car to be more of a street car and run low octane the tune would need to be changed for the street. Less timing and a lot less boost. Boost is currently set at around 28-29 PSI.
So the trans is not a 200r? The EA stage 2 non lock 200r should go into OD, just not have locking converter.