1987 White Turbo T - low 10 second car


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Jun 8, 2001
1987 White Turbo T - low 10 second car. I bought this car from someone local and it was pure stock. It had 147,000 miles and was used as a daily driver . This has been an Arizona car all of it's life so absolutely no rust. Paint is factory original. It's weathered but still looks pretty good. Other than the transmission I did all the upgrades myself. Although the car is setup for racing it's very streetable. I drive it to the track, local car shows, friends houses, etc. It's a full weight car. No fiberglass parts. The motor has around 100 runs on it ranging from ET's of 11:00 to 10.2. My typical 60 fts on the 10.2 runs were mid-high 1.5's. Get the 60 fts down and this is a 9 sec car. Transmission is a fresh rebuild. Both race tracks here closed so I lost interest in racing which is the main reason I'm selling it. Asking $15,000. Here are some details:

109 Block
ATR(Crane) Billet Roller Cam 214/210
JE Pistons (.020 over)
Stock Rods(ARP bolts)
Total Seal Top Gapless Rings
Champion GN1 Full Race Ported Heads
Stock Intake Port Matched(by Champion)
RJC Girdle
TTA Crank
BHJ SFI Balancer
SFI Flexplate
T&D 1.65 Roller Rockers
Champion Valve Covers
V2 Front Mount Intercooler
Precision 71 HPQ (.85 Precision housing)
Precision 70mm Plenum
Accufab 70mm Throttle Body
RJC Power Plate
Wideband O2 Sensor
Magnecore 8.5mm Spark Plug Wires
Adjustable Boost Valve
Front Cover Blueprinted by T/A Performance

Rebuilt by Lonnie Diers(Extreme Automatics Stage 2)
PTC Converter
Mallendar StageRight Trans Brake
B&M Megashifter

ATR Stainless Headers
ATR Stainless exhaust (HP-116B)
3” Stainless THDP
3” Stainless Dump Pipe

3 Row HE Radiator Core
B&M Tranny Supercooler
Ramchargers Dual Fan

Siemens(72 lb) Injectors
ATR Double Pumper(Walbro 340’s)
Fuel Pump Wiring Upgrade
Accufab Fuel Pressure Regulator

6 Point Roll Bar (swingout side bars)
5 Point Crow Harness
VDO Oil Pressure/Water Temp Guages
VDO 0-30 PSI Boost Guage
AutoMeter Hood Mounted Fuel Pressure Guage
Digital EGT Guage
AutoMeter 5” Monster Tach
AutoMeter Transmission Temp Guage

Comp Eng Adjustable Drag Shocks (front)
Comp Eng Adjustable Drag Shocks(rear)
Weld Draglites
Moser HD 28 Spline Axles
TA Performance Rear End Girdle
Front Frame Braces
Rear Seat Braces
Driveshaft Loop
Spicer U-Joints
Lower Body Bushings(missing ones)
HRparts Rear Sway Bar
Metco Billet Lower Control Arms
Wolfe Race Craft Adjustable Upper Control Arms


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Sorry forgot to mention I removed the A/C but have all the pieces so it can easily be re-installed. The one pic of the engine compartment is incorrect as it shows the A/C lines. Everything else is correct.
I can vouch for this one, it is beautiful!!!

It was purchased new in AZ by Tony Coury (the owner of Coury Buick) for his wife. This car is straight and clean, hate to see it go :(

It has only had a few owners (I know 2 of the 4) :)

Best of luck Scott… someone will get an amazing car!
Oh I might add also.

For those that do not know Scott, he is the original owner of a beautiful low mileage 87 GN. He has been around these cars since day 1. He knows theses cars, and only does tasteful, correct upgrades.

Just want to see this one go to a good home! :)
Here are some pics of the motor as it was being assembled. I had the block prepped by Basko Engines but I did all the assembly myself. I paid very close attention to clearances. Mains/rods set to .002 and checked with micrometers. The throttle body in the pic of the complete motor is different now. It has an Accufab 70MM.


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This is a steal!!!! If i hadn't already bought my limited i'd be all over this
woos just giving it away. Cant build half the car for this price. glows. car has a sweet stance too!
More info. The Fast XFI has the internal data logger. There is a toggle switch in the ashtray to activate it so you don't need a laptop in the car when you make a run. Also there is a toggle to turn the dual fans on High all the time. A third toggle is there for locking converter which isn't used anymore since conv is non-lockup but the switch could be used for somehing else.
The swingout bars for the roll bar are removable and fit very nicely on the backseat floor so you can drive the car on the street without having them in the way when you get in/out of the car.
Man that's a nice car!

You do know Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park (Firebird) is open again, yes?
Yes I do know that the track is open again but with 2 years of no racing I lost interest(in racing not the cars) . Also as I stated I want to devote more time to my GN. It sits way too much.
i understand the AC parts are removed is the heat and windshield defroster functional? thanks
Heat/Defrost works. I only removed the A/C parts from the engine compartment. Sorry I'm in Arizona, outside of Phoenix.