1989 s10 4x4 v8 swap! Help!?

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doing a v-8 swap on the parents trusty ol' '89 s10 blazer4x4..engine is in the car using s10v8.com mounts and headers? having some issues with the headers fitting properly( or at least my idea of right) has anybody here done a v8 swap on a 4X4 s10 .. again a FOUR WHEEL DRIVE S10.. its complicates it a little.. doing this to a 2 wheel drive is much easier as underhood components are in different spots. my complaint is with the headers they are patriot brand headers "claimed" to fit.. we bought the coated ones and guess what they don't fit well .. they hit the pass. side upper shock mount, and the collecter on pass side hits the firewall/ floorboard before you can get the headers up enough to get all the bolts started, and on the drivers side header it interferes with brake and fuel lines and even rubs the shifter linkage. i know what can be done to remedy some of the interference issues and part of that will require modifying the headers some which will surely damage the coating.. i'm just annoyed because these are supposed to fit and they don't fit and there's no reason for them not to! i think we would've been better off building a set ourselves!! and help or advice is greatly appreciated :)
i've skimmed over some of those forums.. activity there seems kinda inferquent or slow.. but maybe i'm wrong.. thought i'd ask here first.. didn't really have anything to lose..
I have seen a few s10's around my area that were 4x4's turned into 2 x4.

They still use them off road kinda like a baja vehicle.