1989 TTA Festival Car #99 for sale in Maryland

That is one nice ride ,
always wanted a festival car! 2swoosh is just lost for words about it....lol
Better snatch it up quick if it's such a good deal then. You'll double your money right? I kid, it's a fair price for a great car but I get tired of seeing comments from people on price that are in no position to buy. Bump for a great car none the less.

Then that means you probably shouldn't have said anything either since your so tired of seeing comments from people with no intention to buy right?

Either figure out how to post or I am gonna have to ban you for Christmas :eek::D

Lol, I've been tryin many times John everytime I tried to reply it says computer error and won't show my post not even a PM as I wanted to communicate with Steven or Scott but anyways I got the deal done through the other site where its also posted. I'm replyin to this via a cell phone so I guess its time ime for a new Mac. Have a safe & happy holidays to everyone I'm pickin up the tta tomorrow