1995 Camaro Z/28 1LE (factory race car) with low, low original miles


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I have is a very, very nice low mileage 1995 Camaro Z/28 1LE (factory lightweight “Special Performance” race car package) for sale. The car has 14,500 original kilometers (8,990 miles) on the odometer. It has been in various small collections and has lived a pampered life. I have a comprehensive paper trail, window sticker, GM of Canada docs (verifying the car and the production statistics) and so on. The window sticker options include the 1LE Special Performance Package, ZR16 blackwall tires, body side moldings and carpeted floor mats. The car is painted "Bright Blue" metallic with a Graphite Cloth interior. These cars were A/C delete (although they did have heaters) as well as p-w, pdl, p/seat, cruise control, p/hatch, fog lamp delete amongst other deletes. Undercoating and body insulation is minimal. Suspension and cooling is upgraded. It rides rough. It makes a lot of racket:p. It’s a hoot to drive and no one knows what it is (L-O-L)! Total production for these purpose-built SCCA Showroom Stock road race Camaros in 1995 (US, Canada) was 106 cars; 28 sold in Canada. It has a Hurst shifter installed, along with a set of SLP SS 17-inch wheels (the only mods). Stock shifter included. It can be purchased with the stock 16-inch wheels and tires or the SS rolling stock. It's a beautiful piece, and yes, like the Corvette show room stockers the 1LE replaced, they’re street legal. Zero disappointments. Car is as-new. Easy import into the USA (I live on the west coast of Canada). Finally, this particular car is scheduled to appear in Amos’ Auto Enthusiast Magazine. I'm looking for $17,900 Or Best Offer. Needs to go.











I'm surprised those cars can get 32 MPG highway. My 4 cyl toyota P/U doesn't get that. Nice car and GLWS.
Hi. Actually, it's Imperial Gallons because the car was built for Canada. I think a US Gallon is roughly 8/10ths of an Imperial Gallon. Sooooo....it won't get 32 MPG on the smaller US gallon (and probably wouldn't get 32 with the larger gallon either :) ).

And thank you for the comps. I really have to move it out.

Very nice car and rare. As an owner of a couple of f-bodies including several past LS-1 versions and present two LT-1 Versions including my Formula I bought new in 95. I Do not want to take your thread off topic can you PM me in regards to production numbers for your car and the Canadian Version of the 1le options.
Never had this one on the scales, but I had a new one in 1994 and it was under 3200 pounds (which should be roughly 400-500# less than a typical Z). These things are, uhm, Spartan....L-O-L.