1998 Twin Turbo Vette


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1998 Twin Turbo 427 Vette
I will be sad to see her go. Street friendly…real head turning car! Built right! No expense spared! With my business, I just don`t have the time to enjoy the car. This is why it has not been to the track or seen in the area. Still has the A/C intact!

Black 1998 C5 Corvette coupe, 427 C5R based twin turbo with billet bellhoused 4L80E transmission. The car has 42,000 original miles. Car looks like show room inside and out. Custom motor / turbo setup / interior. I will try to list all items but I am sure I will miss some. This project has been a long time in the making with a lot of one off custom pieces. All parts are top of the line...done to the extreme.

Block: C5R Aluminum Race block. Completely debured, honed with deckplate. Billet main caps. 6500.00 new
Crank: 4.00 Callies lightweight racemaster crank. Knife edged / drilled / radiused journals / beveled oil orfices / keyed

Rods: Oliver Billet heavy duty rods with ARP bolts.
Pistons: Weisco Custom one-off (not off the shelf) forged pistons. 42cc reverse dome. Thermal top coating, Anti-scuff side coating, Anti-detonation grooves. Designed for this turbo application.
Tapered heavy duty / light weight Weisco wrist pins / spiralock

Rings: Weisco tool-steel top ring, Ductile 2nd, low tension oil rings. This setup was made for extreme abuse.

Cam: Custom Cam Motion turbo billet / riffled drilled grind (Specs available if interested in buying).
Clevite Coated rod and main bearings
Clevite cam bearings
C6 oil pan with windage tray
LS3 high volume GM oil pump
Evans High flow water pump with Evans waterless coolant / hard anodized pulley
SFI approved ATI keyed harmonic balancer
A-1 Technologies MP-35 Alloy studs (main)
A-1 Technologies MP-35 Alloy head studs (stronger than any ARP bolts). These head studs cost 1000.00
Felpro MLS Perma-seal head gaskets
Crane billet timing set
C5R Timing Chain tensioner (100.00 unit)
90mm Wilson FAST intake with all stainless hardware
Nick Williams Billet / polished 90mm throttle body
Kinsler high flow polished custom aluminum fuel rails
Heads: AFR Castings / Custom CNC’d by ET Performance. Assembled by Extreme Cylinder Heads. All seats / inserts / seals / hardware are for extreme turbo conditions. 5500.00 for hardware and labor..this does not include the castings or CNC work. Ferrara Extreme duty SS valves / Seats are copper berilium / guides are Copper berilium high temp heavy duty units / Psi double springs, shot-peened, polished 220 lbs on the seat 480 open. Cyclone titanium retainers / 7 degree tool steel locks / high temp stem seals

Flow numbers available of interested in purchasing. 250cc intake runner.
Jesel Y2K adjustable rockers with tool steel pushrod cups / full c-cliped roller tip.
Trend heavy duty 210 degree end pushrods
Morel billet High RPM / high performance link bar style lifters / allow for 7500rpm / high seat and open pressures.

Engine Management: Big Stuff 3 with wide band oxygen sensor and internal data logging option. Also has the transmission control option. Not used. This car has a Compushift control unit with custom display and control unit. Transmission control can be modified on the fly.

Relocated Coils with Magnacor custom 9mm wires. Cool Sox on plug ends. NGK 7 iridium plugs
Katech aluminum (red wrinkle powdercoat) valve covers with Moroso anodized aluminum baffles. Canton -12 triple crankcase breather system.

Race Poven Nascar custom 160amp relocated alternator / Custom laser cut alternator bracket with secondary aluminum tensioner pulley.
Katech custom billet adjustable tensioner

Turbo system. All hot side and cold side piping is original PTK product (not overseas product). All hot side piping coated in Techline high temp satin black. All cold side piping chromed.
Turbos 67mm Precision water cooled / ball bearing units. Polished compressor housing / thermal coated exhaust housings. Custom Iconel heat shields (600.00 for the set)
38mm turbosmart waste gates / 50mm Tial blow-off valve
Turbosmart Eboost 2 mounted on pillar pod with dual solenoids
Custom air to air intercooler

BeCool radiator with custom shroud / Bosch 5000cfm dual fans / custom cooling remote reservoir
Earls custom transmission and oil coolers

Custom brake reservoir heat shield
All hoses/lines either crimped or aluminum style SS of lightweight shielding
All New AC components including compressor GM
90% ARP fasteners
95% GM gaskets
Custom Stinger Turbo hood
New Lexan top
Paint job mint. Car has been covered and garage kept
Stainless B&B exhaust / 2 ½ piping with QTP electric cutouts
Custom interior matching fuel gauge in pod
Brakes : Drilled and slotted rotors / New GM pads / Tires like new.

Transmission: Custom late model 4L80e conversion. This conversion has all the top of the line internal components. It has a Custom billet aluminum bell housing. Custom 4340 output shaft. Yank SC3000 turbo converter. Compushift electronic transmission control with custom display mounted in custom dash panel.
All new driveshaft bushings (Harder more durable GM units / not BMW units.) Custom HD aluminum driveshaft with billet mounting ends.

Dynotech built 3:15 rear / micropolished gears / shot peened and debured case / hardened 4340 output shaft /

Fuel system: can handle 2000hp. In tank custom assemble (essentially duplicates the stock pickup design) but has -10 out of the tank to a magnafuel mp4340 continuous duty fuel pump. Y’d to -8 to each rail. Each rail out to a 1:1 pressure controlled Magnafuel fuel regulator. -8 back to the tank. Fuel system operates the way it is designed for GM. All fuel lines are Nascar style, lightweight teflon lined kevlar outer sleeve. Average price per foot is $25.00-$30.00. All ends are crimp style. Precision 96lb fuel injectors / flowed and tested

Interior has custom leather “Twin Turbo” logos on dual gray and black seats. New Sport foam (complete set). Interior mint. Custom touch screen (pioneer GPS) receiver / custom radio bezel (double din)/ Compushift display mounted in dash. 2 MTX amps / 4 separate components / MTX 12" sub custom enclosures with “Corvette” logo.

ESC Methanol: Custom SS Methanol tank inside drivers side fender with fill in cowl area / control mounted in dash panel.

Wolfe bolt in 6 point roll cage with swing out drivers door.

Wheels are black and silver Z0-6 inspired, (also another pair with drag radials), ZO-6 C6 Shocks

Custom brackets and dual seat bell harnesses.(red)

Misc: Parachute material two toned car cover

Car is a real must see. Runs smooth / absolutely mint very streetable...serious enquires only. This car has less than 2000 miles on the trans/engine/drivetrain/turbos, most of which were put on when I drove it up from Florida. I have many pics of the build along with numerous receipts. Over $120,000 invested not to mention all the personal labor $54K O.B.O.

I`ll try to be as "Politically Correct" as possible...If you don`t have the intention of buying this one of a kind car..don`t waste either of our time:wink:

Link to some pics:


Jim (847)812-1436
nvr gets old dreaming about that car. I keep saying maybe if I sold my house and moved into an apartment I could buy it. then I snap out of it....
Very nice car! Did you ever sell it?

Still available, I haven`t really pushed the sale, it`s been sitting in the back of the garage waiting for spring...

Muscle Car Nationals (Chicago) last year





Functional Carbon Fiber Hood


Or someone to buy it...
That is absolutely beautiful !!! Very nice job. Bet that has surprised a few people on the street...

Beautiful car! what's the dyno numbers on street tune?

It hasn`t been on a dyno. I didn`t build the car, after getting aggravated doing a few myself taking years to complete, I figured I`d buy one already done and save a few more hairs on my head:eek:. I flew down to Florida, saw the craftsmanship and drove it home:) The guy I purchased the car from did a similar build with smaller turbos and a less aggressive cam and it put out over 1000RWHP. With the progressive injection you`re basically always on a street tune:biggrin: problem is I just don`t have the time to drive it :frown: Look at the parts list and figure out the cost of the engine build alone, it`s bullit proof and the work was done by one of the best performance shops down in Florida, Oh yea...It has A/C too :wink:
I will say your C5 is the ultimate one per your specs and prolly cost over $80k to duplicate, nice toy and GLWS. Post it @ the Corvette Forum.com that's where i found my two C5s. Get it dynoed with good photos and start a little higher on your price there's always hardcore enthusiast lookin for somethin you have. Horsepower!!!
Very nice! Good luck with the sale. Just sold my Z06, but mine was stock. Man I'm going to miss that car. :(
Hey Jim, long time no talk... I see you did sell your Chevelle then? :eek: Good luck with the sale on the vette!
Hey Jim, long time no talk... I see you did sell your Chevelle then? :eek: Good luck with the sale on the vette!

Wow! You`re right it has been a while, I`ve had the Vette for 3 years and sold the Chevelle prior to that...One day I`ll learn that as much as I`d like, I just don`t have time for a real nice car...I`m busy running fishing charters every weekend ... gotta do something to pay the bills:( ...I do drive it up to the harbor, mostly highway, it`s amazing how she accelerates on only a few pounds of boost...and doesn`t stop pulling...ever!

His signature says sold.

Man you are giving that sweet ride away at that price! GLWS

It appears so...but no one has seriously stepped up at that price, I figure with what it costs to build a Stage II car, or just buy a Vette it would appeal to someone...but I`m still not pushing the sale real hard, just have it listed here and on one other site.


New Seat covers and foam...


Nice sleeper stance...


GM aluminum racing C5R block


A-1 Technologies MP-35 Alloy head studs (stronger than any ARP bolts) cost 1000.00


AFR heads Jesel J2K rockers...


4L80E conversion...


Custom Stainless Methanol/alcohol tank mounted under the driver side front fender


Pretty much the view any other car that challenged you would have...:D

Spring is here, and I have two kids looking at college brochures that are arriving in the mail on what seems to be a daily basis:( ..."Oh look this ones only $$$ a year" if they only knew o_O ... unfortunately their education comes first...tuition is going to be a killer :mad: ... drop in price... first $40,000 takes her...