2 Buick TR's for 1 quality stage 2

I may be interested in the GN. Someone is bugging me to sell them my current GN and do it quickly. I may go ahead and take a hit on my current car if I can get the GN for a decent price. My car has some rust that I do not want to deal with (floorboards, trunk wheelwell). Were the rust issues fixed before BoostedBug sold it to you?
black6pack, I'm not interested in selling just one of my cars anymore. I either wanna trade them both for a stage 2 car or sell them together. I wanted to get away from the whole scene, but these dang turbo Buicks won't let you go. I will not rest until I get a quality stage 2 car!
I'd think that after building a stage 2, nobody would want two of these moneypits in return!! :D Keep me in mind if you decide to sell separately.
2 turbo buicks for stage car

Please give me a call at 336-272-8727 from 9 to 5. Have a 7 second stage 2 if interested, Tube chassis, twin turbo, runs 7.80's @180 ish in quarter.
ok how about a TSM proven car? Must have steel crank and girdle! Let me know if anyone is interested please! Would prefer a T-Type, but a GN is welcome.
Take a LOOK at the ads, Racejunk.com ???.Same car is it not?Trades Accepted 68-72 Nova, now whitch way is it and on what day.Good Luck on what ever you do.Take Care,AL.
it is the same! you ask which way it is? Well I wanna go fast! I don't see many stage 2 buicks on RJ. Those stage cars are already on here and nobody is interested in trading! So I thought i could make my own ads? Do you have a stage 2 car or a proven tsm car you wanna trade?
I have two stage II cars that are race only cars but not what you are looking for.You are looking for something for the street,clean looking,low 10 second sleeper? I'll ask around and see if any of the guy's I know want to let go of there Stage street car's for a trade.Take Care,AL.