2 peice 3" downpipe with ported elbo and welded on test pipe

Like the title says ". ". Located in Denver Colorado. 125$ PayPal as a gift plus the ride. Or best offer. Nick. 720-275-3124


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what would shipping be to 32784? Should be able to slide this in without taking it apart or anything correct?
It'll bolt up to a stock turbo right? Sorry for newbie questions lol

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Shipping is gonna hurt, had to get 1 from Boston to myrtle beach, ended up going on Craigslist and finding a guy in Maine who was headed to sc on vaca offering transport services think I paid him $50 bucks FedEx wanted $150 or so..
I3lue, shipping and packaging through ups ground to Florida is $100. You have first shot at the down pipe.

Favian, shipping to Arizona plus packaging ups ground is $65. If l3lue doesn't want it you are next in line.

My PayPal is nickybluuu@aol.com

I requested that 3% PayPal fees be paid by the buyer. Thanks, Nick