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What trans mount do you guys perfer? And what tire came on a gn from the factory? I believe they were bfg radial ta's but Im not a hundred percent on that. I like to keep the outside of my car looking stock But I would like to upgrade on the mount and would prefer to buy one off of a vender on this board.
Turbo RX-6 is correct on the stock tires. I bought a 86 GN new and it had those stock/ original in white outline letters. You could also get the same size Goodyear tires in a blackwall type too. They have long been discontinued. Consider Firestone Firehawk 500 tires if you are giving thought to BFG Rad TAs. I've had several sets of both of those and the Firestone tires hook and handle better. If you want to spin, pick the Rad TAs. If you are running stock rims, 235- 60's will fit without scrubbing and allow full tire rotation changes. Good luck and have lots a fun! :wink:
+1 on the Indy 500's. I have them on my one set of rims. They hook awesome for a street tire.

However........ better get a move on. I've read that Firestone is no longer making them. Once in stock sizes are gone... they're gone.
I would go with 235 60 15 Goodyear Eagle GT II. Just put a set on my GN rims and I love them. Looks similar to the original GT's and ride is great. Much better looking tire than the Firestone with all of that crap all over the sidewall.
Paid $470 or so shipped from Tire Rack. About the same you'll pay for any tire in that size, not too many options.

Heres a few pics:


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