200 4R 11 Teeth Speedo Gear Wanted

Nascar T/A

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Hello I require a 11 teeth speedo driven gear for a 200 4R. I need this because my 3:70 rear axle and my tire size. I know it comes on buick turbo regals but I am not sure what else. I think it is orange in colour but I have seen 13 teeth gear that are orange too. If it is from I turbo regal and you have the governer also, I might be interested in that too.

Thanks in advance.
You should be able to use the green 10 tooth and the correct driven gear for your axle/tire combo and save a lot of headache and money
Hello Thank you for the reply, actually that is my back up plan. The correct one according to the site I used is 11 and 30 and the next closest is 10 and 27.