200 behind a BB with N2O, can it be done?


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May 24, 2001
My friend has a 69 Olds cutlass with a built 455. He had a TH350 in it for a long time, but to drive to the track, he needed something with overdrive. (since its a hour and a half drive to the nearest track with 3.90 rear gears).
I convinced him to go with the 200, since he could retain his driveshaft and it would mount right up. He got a used one (non-brf) and had it rebuilt by a reputable tranny builder with all the good parts. It held up real good for a long time, and he beat on it too. But now theres a new problem.
Since he feels the need to add squeeze (to keep up with me obviously ;)
he says it slips real bad under a 75 shot and goes to heck under a 125 shot. For a while, it held as long as he wasnt juicing. Now he says it slips constantly just on motor.
Can a 200 be built to handle this much power?
The car ran a 13.4 last year, probably could do a 12.8 on motor now, and nearly a high 11 on squeeze. He hasnt broken anything, yet, just burning it up.
Since I was really pleased with my 200 from Jack Cotton, I recommended the full billet from Jack. But, I wonder if that will hold it?


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