2001 Mustang GT tries out sleeper TR!

Evans Ward

Love those LC2/ Y56 cars!
May 24, 2001
About a month ago when leaving work, I noticed a late model Mustang GT on the streets with an older fellow driving. He's getting on it alittle and I'm behind him. As fate would have it, we both got caught by a traffic light and are in front of each respective lane. Since the light caught us and would be awhile for the green, I decided to be friendly and chat with the owner since his windows are down. I asked him how it ran, and with him looking at my TR, he replied "I'm trying to sell it". I took that from him that he prolly figured he couldn't hang with me so I complimented him on the looks of the car as it was a pretty pewter color with the good looking Bullit wheels. He was also old enough to remember the GN/TRs from past days since I noticed him looking at the hood and fender emblems. He told me it was a 2001 model and he asked me if I knew where any Chevelles were for sale. I gave him the name of a local Chevelle guy who dabbles in those cars but told him he ought to look at Buick GS cars if he liked the old GM A body cars! As we left the light I got on it alittle enough to let him hear the turbo spool- he hung back. Fast forward about a month later as yesterday I see the same car (noticed county being same) with the driver and a passenger on the interstate on my way home. With a recent upgrade to a 3" DP and bluetops (and other stuff), I was curious to see how my car would do as I hadn't really been on it yet. I slowly go by him in the passing lane and guess what, now he wants to play! This was from a 70 mph kick. Suppose his passenger might have egged him on not knowing anything about an old Regal especially one loaded up with all the granny chrome. I let him hammer it first and then I floored it! The race was really over before it started since I put mucho car lengths rather quickly on him! I was impressed how quickly the old girl accelerated myself! I let off and dropped in the right lane since I'd need to be merging for my exit soon. I slowed and let the Mustang boys pass by in the L lane as they did it cautiously. I equate their behavior like a dog that had just been whipped in a fight with it's tail tucked between his legs! :cool: They passed by slowly and had big grins on their faces which told me they were impressed by the Buick. Although this really wasn't much of a kill by anyones standards, there is nothing like a little LC2 education! With the GM F bodies being dropped after this year, I wonder if we'll see more cocky Mustang GT antics since that will be one of the last pony cars left? I've never driven or ridden in a 4.6 GT, but in this case I was definitely not impressed. Now, I need to find the time to install my SMC alky kit to make it really road warrior ready!

Evans Ward
Macon, GA
87 Turbo-T
70 GS455
Nice kill.

Stick that SMC kit in!!! I took me all of 1 hour to install the unit and have it roughly tuned in.