2001 Rustang V6



So i Am coming home from the fair with my brother and my friend in the truck with me. I was driveing the truck because the GN is in the shop. So anyways i see this new mustang(not a gt) with duals exhaust on it and you could tell it was a V6 just by the way it sounded which was not all that good. So i come up to the light and the guy in the rustang all talking all this smake so i was like lets go. So as soon as the light turned green we both nailed it and i was about almost a car lenth ahead of him and we stayed into untill a car jumped in front of the rustangs path and he had to slow down. So i let him by and he wnt around the car and nailed it it got way far ahead of me so i punched it and started to aproch him and i blewby him like he was standing still (about 80). After that we both went our sperate ways but i was proud of my little S-10 that it showed that rustang whats up. Now if i had my GN it would have been all over in a couple of seconds:D .