2002 f-body radiator with dual fans


fast is cool !
Nov 13, 2005
has anybody tried them ? the radiator core is little bit shorter but is as tall and dual fan assy. mounts right on radiator so wonder how they fit :rolleyes:
right now I have 92' f-body radiator with Flex-a-lite dual fans ,they seemed noisey so I took a look to find out one fan lost two blades out of nowhere :eek: did not hit anything ,they just gone ,so I do not wont another Flex-a lite fans ,not sure about interip fans -seems like a lot of burnt out units out there - but wonder if anybody tried F-body duals , if so from what year and what mods have to be done but I am also thinking about 1998 - 2002 F-body radiator/fans combo deal as well ?:cool: thanks