2004r billet output shafts


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Well the shafts are at the grinder and are going to arrive in the shop sometime next week.We changed some oiling holes so that it will have full lube oil to the rear planet,something the stocker does not have.There are 25 good pieces.The shop here will be keeping 10 for our future jobs,and will not be for sale.The remaining 15 will be for sale at a cost of $489.00.I wont be making these again so if anyone is interested call in and pre order .This isnt a sales gimmick,there are only 15 pieces for sale.There is no jobber pricing either.Once they are gone that is it.E4340 STEEL BILLET CORES,CNC MACHINED,HEAT TREATED TO 48 TO 52 ROCKWELL,PRECISON GROUND TO ZERO END TO END GUARANTEED.Dont miss out if your car needs one.This will be it.We are also phasing out the aluminum direct clutch piston and the lo reverse piston due to lack of interest.Iwill not sell the lo reverse pistons only the directs.I have about 40 pieces left plus what we have for future builds, and wont be making them again.
Another 2004r project getting scrapped.The bolt in electric brake and direct drum project is also in the trash bin.
People contact me to make this stuff and we make it and they dont take the parts.Im not going to sit on parts anymore.Im going to continue to make the 4 popular items and phase out the rest.