EA Stage III Billet trans with electric brake and billet output shaft


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Jun 26, 2001

  • EA Super Pump
  • Billet anchor pin
  • EA Billet Extreme Servo ( Largest in the Industry)
  • EA Billet 300M Forward Drum Shaft
  • EA Billet Vasco Max Input Shaft
  • EA Billet OD Planet
  • EA Steel One Piece OD Ring Gear
  • Billet 6061 Aluminum Direct Clutch Piston
  • Billet 6061 Aluminum Forward Clutch Piston
  • Roller Bearing Low Clutch Support
  • Roller Bearing Pump to OD Shell
  • Roller Bearing OD Ring Gear
  • HO Low Roller Clutch
  • New OD Roller Clutch
  • Maximum Duty Front and Rear Planets
  • 7 Clutch Maximum Duty Direct
  • 3 Clutch OD
  • Hi Energy Direct and Forward Clutches
  • Hi Energy Low Reverse Clutches
  • Lock up or Non Lock-up
  • Deep Cash Aluminum Pan and Botton Feed Filter
  • Hi Performance Calibrated Valve Body **BRC
  • Governor Calibrated for approx. 4800-5200 RPM shifts

I have a brand new Extreme Automatics 2004r stage III plus the electric transbrake ($395 option) plus the billet output shaft ($500 option)

Lonnie built this for me, personally, for me to run some big numbers. I've decided to go racing instead of street driving, so I'm giving this up. Would cost $4,000 plus shipping to duplicate. Looking for $3,500 SHIPPED! please include paypal fees or gift it.

I will even sweeten it some more - buy the trans and get a PTC 9" NL converter for $500. That's $650 savings on both. Otherwise, the converter will be sold separate.

This will save you $ and the wait time involved in getting a transmission built to this level.

PM or email me directly.


PS, want a full turnkey low 10 second drivetrain? I can make someone an engine/trans/turbo deal of lifetime. See signature.
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I'm looking for my picture to verify, but I'm 99% sure it's a 18 blade, 200rpm more than Dusty's "normal" 9.5 converter. Spools my 67 effortlessly even with stock displacement.... see times in signature - all at what people consider low b00st.
Also, the converter is not for sale for $500 to anyone.. only the trans buyer. Sorry guys, that'll have it's own price by itself.
A few things here or there that I might consider in trade:

Boost Leash or AMS1000 controller
Hartline fiberglass hood
Distributor parts (spark box, coil, I already have a distributor)
15x10 wheels with 5.5" or so backspace preferably beadlock wheels
Make a deal on this transmission and converter this weekend and get this bad ass shifter to go with it.

I actually don't know the answer to that question, I'm 95% it is, but I don't see that detail on the EA site. FWIW this originally Lonnie's personal transmission. If it should be dual fed the way he builds them, then it is. If it shouldn't than it isn't. I ran the times with it in my signature as a stage II trans, but had a hard part strip/break and that's how I ended up with a full billet upgrade. It has everything that EA can do to one with exception to the lower gear set. From the mods in your signature, this trans and converter are for you:)

If anyone is serious, I can get more details from Lonnie as needed.
FWIW , my EA Stage I I I was dual fed ....

Cool shifter !!

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I calculated wrong the savings is $650 to $850 depending on how you view the ptc converter.
it is installed in the car, car was moved onto a trailer from my garage. then garage to another trailer ... and then into a shop.. so let's say.. 300 ft?