Stage 1 BRF 2004r Transmission - Fresh rebuild

The Granny

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Sep 30, 2015
This transmission came out of a recently purchased 86 GN, and was originally built at Mike Kurtz' shop back in the day. It's there at his shop (Century Automotive & Transmission) getting freshened up/rebuilt. It's been verified to have a BRF valve body and governor and is rated for ~500whp, or mid/high 10s & slower.


Would prefer local pick up in the Houston, TX area, but can arrange shipping if need be.

Specs for a stage 1 build from Century are as follows:

Century's shift kit calibrated to our specs
.500 boost valve, HP regualtor valve, HP 10 vane and rotor kit assy. with hardened pump rings
Hardend stator support shaft
HP Wide band w/reinforced struts & lined with Kevlar or Carbon Fiber
Billet band anchor pin
HP pump slide spring
Supershaft Cryo Drum: Stock foward drum shaft is beefed up by tig welding additional material right below splines, Where they are prone to twisting and breaking off. Then the entire drum & shaft is cryo-treated.
Rollerized rear center support with new bushing
HD third clutch kit, 7 BorgWarner HD frictions (one extra clutch over stock)
HD forth clutch kit, We modify forth clutch apply piston to add an additional clutch (total of three clutches) BorgWarner HD frictions.
New overdrive sprag
New low/reverse sprag
Teflon coated pump bushing
New selective pump thrush washer & new selective button washer to obtain proper end play
BorgWarner HD frictions are also installed in foward, low/reverse and overrun clutch packs
New output shaft & direct drum bushings
Heat dissipating case coating