2004r Durability


Build'n it Better
Jul 12, 2006
So ive heard from several people to ditch to 2004r and go with a different trans for my build but I know several of you guys are using them with success. How much can a stock and/or built 2004r handle? Think a stock 2004r would take the beating from a heads/cam/bolt-on lt1?

I would have searched but its time for bed, thanks for any help available.
What trans were the ones who told you to ditch the 200-4R running? What was their performance. This site has the fastest 200-4R's anywhere. Youve come to the right place. Ive built several that have held up for years in 10 second 3600+lb cars. I will have at least 2 in the 9's by next year at this time and full weight. The power is there to do it, just need to get the numbers out of the cars. If you are planning on heads cam and turbo i would go with the billet shafted forward housing and a high performance overhaul with recalibration. If you are going low 10's or launching of the t-brake i would add in a billet input and carrier assembly as well as dual feeding the directs.
Of the two that directly told me, one drives a Lightning but had a el camino 350/th350 combo and the other has a LS2 goat. Right now the plans are to run 12.xx@110 so figured a heads/cam/bolton should get me close, than down the road I might add some boost to the lt1. The car will be mainly a fun street car so no trans brake or delay boxes or any of that. Is there a company you would recommend having do the rebuild and/or a site with information on whats needed for a certain power level?
My stock trans with only a ART car VB kit held up to low 12's for years and around 98k miles the 2-3 started flaring and I drove/raced it for another 20k and just swapped it due to it getting bad enough.

Bet the Dudes that told u the 200 sux does not know that the 2004r has the deepest OD gear and closer gear ratio than the 700/4l stuff.

Century trans (Mike Kurtz), California Transmission/cpt (Art Carr), Dynotech Trans (eric), CK Performance (Chris), PTS Extreme (Brian), Janis Transmissions.

ANy of these are top notch and build and stand behind their 200's call em up tell them what your goal is and they will tell u whats done/needed and take care of u
I really appreciate the help guys, looks like ill keep it. I think it might have had a rebuild before, its very clean and my gf's dad said its not the stock coverter its using so hopefully itll hold up for awhile.