2007 Ford Shelby GT500 offical HP 475!!!

"It's one thing to put 450 horsepower in an exotic supercar," says Shelby. "It's another to put that much power in something as affordable as a Mustang.

Say this to the fool(while slapping him in the head with the wasted $550K) that paid $600,000 for the first one at Barett Jackson :smile:
there is allways "someone" who HAS to have the first one :rolleyes: and I bet it never gets used :p Ill wait for a year if they play thier price games with them :p
whitehot84 said:
Affordable ??? A Cobra is up around 40 grand. What's this thing going to cost.??? :confused:

Supposed to list around $42. Look at a Charger SRT8, they are listing all out equipped for $44. Problem with the GT500, there will be some high premiums for a while.