200R4 Suggestions

Nov 11, 2008
Hi Guys,

Been awhile since I posted here, got lots of help before on my 200R4 swap and worked well behind my plane jane 327/300hp. Now time for MORE POWER !:smile:

Building a 355 with approx. 425 tq./ 425 hp. Will be pulling out the engine and trans and was thinking what I should do to my trans while it's out.

My 200R4 was stock rebuilt ('89 Caprice), and added a Trans Go kit (200R4-HD2), Monte Carlo SS Valvebody, separator plate, governor and servo with an Art Carr alum. deep pan with 700r filter. TCI 2200 rpm lock-up stall converter.

What MUST I do to the trans to hold up to my new engine? It's for the street, no track time, (street fun and cruisin') Ford 9" with 3.89:1 Detroit locker. Car weighs around 3,500 lbs.

Thanks for any suggestions.
I was thinking CK Performance recalibration kit to better the Trans Go that I found out later were not as preferred. Also one of Chris' billet servos.

That should do it?

Anyone run these that care to share some insight on what it should feel different?