200R4 swap to non computer car

I have an 82 Regal wich I`m putting in a Buick 455.
Currently I`m getting ready to put in a 200r4.then to a GN 3:42 Rearend.
I know that ther are kits out there to help the install
TCI (brackets, TV cable,And lockup kit), but my question is my 82 has a lockup 350 and is computer controlled, if I leave the harness in and the ECM and still have power to the ECM, and use a manual lockup switch thru the ADL,will this work?
I`m trying to save money, I have a Throttle cable & TV bracket for a Q-jet from an OLDS 307, wouldnt I just need the TV cable or will the 350`s work?:confused:
Thanks again
The TCC can work with the factory ECM provided certain inputs are still there for the ECM to make the proper decision. I'm not real sure on those older units but coolant temp may be one of those inputs.

Most 350C units were wired with a third-gear pressure switch for which you could utilize the fourth-gear 200-4R switch. You'll need to wire the 200-4R just like the 350C was; ie. solenoid pos. & neg. need to be wired to same terminals and the pressure switch needs to be both wired to the same terminal and the same type. The 200-4R pressure switches are normally-closed, electrically.

You cannot use the 350C kickdown cable to control the 200-4R! You will definitely need to get a different cable.