200R4 w/CK kit pressure test results


So I put a CK shift recalibration kit in my 200R4 (OG code) along with a superior servo, a D5 converter, and some pump upgrades.

I would like the experts thoughts on my pressure test results.:

Gear range Desired Actual
Park 90 85
Reverse 130 145
Neutral 90 85
D4 90 90
D3 90 90
D2 155 205
D1 155 205

Gear range Desired Actual
Park 240 225
Reverse 275 205
Neutral 240 220
D4 240 210
D3 240 210
D2 300 215
D1 300 185

SPECIFICALLY I wonder about the Max TV test results in R, D2 and D1. They all three seem low. The Min TV results for those three ranges show that the boost vlaves appear functional.

Why do I not get the higher readings at Max TV, R, D2, D1?

Thanks for any input.

test driving the car, the shifts were crisp, although as expected they occur far too soon....will be modified this summer. I did not go to WOT, only 3/4 but the trans pulled hard, I reallty have no driving complaints.

72 Skylark 350 is the car.