2010 Camaro Sightings


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Several 2010 Camaros are Lurking around the Streets of oshawa Ontario Canada and the Surrounding areas.

Rumour has it they ran a test batch of cars and are driving the crap out of them in an effort to identify and repair problems.

I've seen 6 so far, most are Red or Silver :biggrin:

I'll start carrying my camera and get some Pics....
Saw a red one. Seems the govt. Car Czar team made some SERIOUS modifications tho:confused:


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They certainly appear to be a better "bang for the buck" buy than either the Mustang or Challenger! Let's hope GM's around long enough for a few to actually get into public hands...!
I saw one on the freeway back in february. Thought it was the caddy roadster but then I saw the bowtie on the grill. Sharp cars