2011 cts-v coupe

thats a machine, not a car. i will definately own one of those one day. with a pulley and tune ur make like 650 horse at the crank. hellova dd
was a nice looking car in person alot of interior detail such as leather stiching on the dash pad an suede leather wheel .... the new prototype SS silverado looked badass also
I got to drive the cars at MSR last month.
It was a fun event.
We did 2 road laps in a CTS-V coup.
Drag raced some regular CTS-coups.
Did the cones and hard braking in a CTS-sedan.

The cars are great but I did not come away with I got to get one.

The CTS-V goes fast and brakes great.
I did not get the same excitement as I do driving the TR.
The TR is all over the road and it just as exciting getting it to stop!
I wish I had asked if I could turn the traction control off.

They are supposed to send me a video of my laps in the V-coup.