2013 Boss 302-S Mustang Factory Race Car-NEW


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Jun 10, 2001
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ABOUT THE 2013 Boss 302S

  • Since reintroduction in 2011 the Boss 302S has won the following accolades:
    • World Challenge GTS Manufacturers Championship
    • World Challenge GTS Driver Championship
    • World Challenge GTS Team Championship
    • NASA American Iron Championship
    • NASA ST2 Championship
  • In 2011 the Boss 302S tied the record set in 1970 for race wins by the same Mustang driver in a professional production based series at 5
  • The 2013 Boss 302S showcases FRPP’s ability to recalibrate the factory steering, ABS and ECU providing our customers with a high quality, reliable racing package.
  • With two seasons of testing, racing, and customer feedback the Boss 302S is better than ever with exciting new features, more performance and priced to be the best value in the market.
  • The Boss 302S competes and wins against cars costing 2-4X’s as much.
  • Off-road only, race prepped, and turn-key for World Challenge, NASA American Iron and other racing series
  • Because of its production based nature the Boss 302S can be easily maintained with most parts being available from a Ford Dealer.
  • Limited Production – ONLY a maximum of 50 UNITS WILL BE PRODUCED!
  • Exclusive Boss 302S stripe kit
  • Serialized for collectability
Upgraded 3 way adjustable dampers

The Ford Racing Boss 302S is a turnkey race car designed for road racing competitions of less than 1 hour.

There will be up to 50 serialized 2013 Boss 302S’s built. The next build window is in late 3rd quarter 2012 with a September targeted delivery (subject to change based on potential build windows with the assembly plant).

NOTE: This vehicle does not have a VIN and is NOT street legal.


  • 5.0L TiVCT Boss engine with racing calibration
  • T-6060 6 speed transmission with integrated cooling pump
  • 3.73 SRA with Torsen T2R differential
  • Lightened body assembly optimized for weight distribution
  • Rollcage optimized for rigidity and safety through finite element analysis (FEA)
  • Full safety system (Recaro Hans seat, Removable steering wheel, 6 point racing belts, left hand window net, fire system)
  • Lightweight Brembo 4 piston 14” brakes with recalibrated ABS
  • Suspension geometry optimized for road racing with coil over adjustable dampers, lengthened ball joint and revised bushings for optimal track performance
  • Price.....$ 110,000
  • Car is located in the Utica NY area.


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