2013 Carlisle GM Nationals TURBO BUICK CELEBRATION! Jun 21st - Jun 23rd 2013


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Aug 24, 2003
This year is going to be a big one at this national event so let's bring those Buick's out and give them a good showing! The event sponsors want to celebrate the 25 year anniversary of the turbo Buick and would like to see them out in force! To qualify for the 10% per-registration discount and have your entry window sticker mailed to you, please per-register prior to May 20th, 2013 at midnight EST. Registration includes weekend admission for two people. After registering, a receipt will be emailed to you - please bring this receipt to the event. Multi-vehicle discounts available. Discount only applies to cars registered at the same address and purchased during a single order. (Limit of 5).

Here is the part where I need you guys and gals.... The event organizers approached MAGNA to be a part of this event. If we have 25 turbo Buick's per-register under the club name, we will all get a free circus style tent to park our cars under! So when you register at the link below, under the "GM Club" select Mid-Atlantic Grand National Assoc. and come park with us in the shade under the big tent!

They are also looking for concourse cars and rare cars. So here is an event that is close to the area you can drive to in a few hours in most directions. I'll be in contact with the folks running the event from then till now so I'll follow up here once we hit the 25 mark. If we have more cars they will offer another tent so we can never have too many! Come on our and join us and show a big showing at this national event! These cars are turning 25 and it's time to show them off!

Here is the link to the event...

And here is the registration form...
We have the event flier up on our site. Still plenty time to register! They are throwing this event for our cars so let's show them some turbo Buick's! They are going to have a huge display area of the turbo Buick's keeping everyone in one spot. They are making up huge posters to hang around the display area as well. Remember guys this is NOT a car show but an event for Turbo Buick owners. From drivers to show cars everyone is in! Register today and bring those Buick's out to this huge national event!


Registation: http://store.carlisleevents.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=2013-031
(Remember to choose "Mid-Atlantic Grand National Assoc. under "GM Club" when registering)
Is there a rundown of the days events, trying to figure out making it to the show and seeing family at the same time. If i could only make one or two days, which would be the best? Sat-sun? or Fri-Sat?
Is there a rundown of the days events, trying to figure out making it to the show and seeing family at the same time. If i could only make one or two days, which would be the best? Sat-sun? or Fri-Sat?

I would think Friday and Saturday would be best. I'll see if they can send me a day to day break down
Well I received some awesome news from Tyler the event promotions manager at GM Carlisle today... MAGNA is the official club/car for this event! So in turn this scores us the free 20x20 club tent! This tent is for MAGNA members to sit under for the weekend to keep out of the sun and shoot the chit! All the turbo Buick's will be in one area at this event. Those who have registered under MAGNA for the car club will be all parked together as well. We will be right outside of the invitational building I do know that much. We will set up the official MAGNA tent right around where the club is all parked. They do have a contest for the best car club at this event as well so feel free to bring along any items that will make our tent festive!

As of today we have 16 registered MAGNA members! He has a total of 24 turbo Buick's registered overall.

If you haven't registered yet there is still time to pre-register! The dead line to save money and pre-register is May 20th! So don't delay too much longer if your on the fence about going! Sign up, come on up, and have a good time with the club! It's a nice little drive for the cars.

Keep in mind it's not a "car show" to say, but a display of turbo Buick's celebrating the 25 anniversary of the turbo Buick's. So any shape any condition it's just all about being there and being a part of it with the club.

Even you guys coming in from further not in our club feel free to register under MAGNA in the car club section when you register and hang out with us under the tent!
I got my windshield sticker the other day! Getting closer! If you didn't register yet there is still time!! We have 16 for MAGNA as of now. You can still pre-register, just have to get the stuff from the office when you arrive – it won’t get mailed to you.
Also for you guys that have missed out for the registration and still want to come on Saturday you STILL CAN!!!

The area for the Turbo Buicks is all specifically for that car. Our tent is right in the middle of that show field, so if guys want to show up late, you will still be relatively close to the club tent area. Everyone is welcome to come on Saturday. The admission will still be $40 for the show field (they are unable to do separate stickers and registration, so there will be a blanket cost of $40 for everything.) You guys can pretty much roll in any time between 7 am and about 2 on Saturday. The burnouts and stuff start at 4, so if you want some time to walk around, I would say make 2:00 the latest. If you come in Gate 3, that is the registration gate and also the main hub of the grounds.

So just get up bright and early and come on out! Can't wait for the burnout contest at 4. They must do that to keep the skeeters down at night!
It's gonna be a blast! Bring something along for the MAGNA BBQ and chill out under the MAGNA tent! We are going to take this event over!
Cannot wait!!! My dad is coming with. He's actually taking a day off from work just to come out.

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Thanks for the great pictures. I had a good time and didn't spend too much money at the swap meet.
What a fun weekend! It went by in a flash! Was great to see everyone and a great time had by all! If you didn't make it you missed a first class event. The weather was picture perfect and I think that helped for the huge showing that's for sure! MAGNA almost had the largest club representation for the weekend. We had the most turbo cars for sure then any other clubs there, but, as far as people registered under MAGNA, we missed only by a few cars getting the biggest club award. I guess next year we'll push harder for that!

Thanks Hooper for letting me use your trailer once again and driving my 86 up and back. I was glad I couldn't see you when that rain was coming down I would have cried! The engine bay hardly got wet at all but she is going to need many hours of my OCD detailing that's for sure! Thank god I sealed the paint before we took the trip!

Tyler and the staff was blown away with the amount of turbo Buick's that showed up. I think the number was around 50 on last count I did! They also treated us great. Anything we asked for we got. Anything we wanted to do the answer was yes. That alone took so much stress off trying to handle an event and make it a great time and awesome memories for everyone!

Tyler sent me an e-mail to pass along to the MAGNA members and here it is...

“I would like to personally thank each and every MAGNA member who showed up at the GM Nationals this year. You guys were instrumental in helping to push the Turbo Buick Celebration to a height I had never dreamed possible! You all should be very proud for how well you represented your cars, your club, and the hobby in general. I think MAGNA is probably one of the most cooperative groups we have ever worked with. I would be happy to host a MAGNA mini-meet here for 2014, and would enjoy having you back for years to come. Everyone involved in the special display was great to work with, and I really appreciate your dedication to the show! You should all be proud of your cars – I know a ton of people were impressed with our layout and the cars inside. Again, it was an honor to work with such a great group and I appreciate your support and help. – Tyler”

Thanks again, and keep in touch on what we can do for 2014!

Tyler Staley
Carlisle Events
Event Manager - GM Nationals and Bike Fest
Phone: (717)-243-7855 x 124
Fax: 717-960-6483
A friend of mine from back East attended this show and met there with Andy, the producer of "Black Air", Bill has attended each year all the 4 events at Richard Clark's place, and was interviewed when he was in NC and is in the film! :)

Here are a couple pics he sent me:

GN Nationals1.jpg
GN Nationals2.jpg
A friend of mine from back East attended this show and met there with Andy, the producer of "Black Air", Bill has attended each year all the 4 events at Richard Clark's place, and was interviewed when he was in NC and is in the film! :)

Here are a couple pics he sent me:

View attachment 193487View attachment 193488
My car is the first in line in that pic :D . Andrew was there giving commentary during the Black Air screening. I was able to get him to sign my dvd and a poster.