2015 Regal Premium 1 FWD Track Time

matt s

New Member
So i finally had a chance to try my 2015 Turbo Regal Premium1 FWD in the 1/4 mile. Only mods are the Trifecta Tune and Injen CAI. Best time was 14.78 @ 93.46MPH. Thought I would be a little quicker with the Tune? Basically Punch it and go. Tried to bring up the RPMs but that just spun the wheels and put me in the mid 15's. Was in full auto, traction control off, ran out of time to try it in manual mode. Either way, still a fun time.

Has anyone else run the 1/4 mile with this tune? What was your times/ speed?

I was wondering how fast these cars really are. I have a 2016 2.0t. How do you like the trifecta tune? I was thinking about it for the better mileage. I drive a 100 miles a day back and fourth to work so If I can get better mileage I might do it. I still have factory warranty so I might wait till its gone and then do it. There is a regal turbo around Chicago putting 460 or better to the wheels. Thats got to shit n get.
The Trifecta Tune has given me a couple more MPG's, maybe 2-3. The tune changes the shift points so you'll especially notice it on the highway when passing.

These cars are so hard to launch properly. The nannies kick in and once you think you get a good leave and roll into it..... wheelhop city. '14 GS FWD Auto with 20" tires, bone stock 15 flat at 94 mph. Short time was in the 2.3's. I believe it's got a 14.8 in her if I can get a clean run. Oh, did I mention the car is 3750# without driver?