2016 Race season


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We've been out of the racing picture for two years. We're going to take another stab at the point series this year. It's an open "test and tune" at Maple Grove this Saturday if anyone is interested, expecting beautiful weather. Sunday is our first points race. We haven't decided who's driving, Thomas or me. At my age, I'm thinking this might be my last year. The 2step is in and working great. The car feels good and once again I'll cross my fingers for 15 races. If we do OK, there's a race the weekend of the Carlisle meet meaning we probably won't make it. But, if we stink and don't go rounds, well than we'll go to Carlisle!!
^^^ Good luck with everything. I hope that your hard work, preparation, and past experience ("lessons learned") pay off with a great season.

I'm overflowing with smart-@ss remarks regarding your "At my age..." :confused: comment, but will try to stay calm.
Just checking - how old is John Force? o_O