2018 Midwest Muscle Car Challenge!


Short Guy
I traveled to Putnam Park this past Friday for the Midwest Muscle Car Challenge, and while the car didn't perform flawlessly, it did pretty well.

Here's my fastest lap from the morning sessions. Car was running great. Hit 125mph in the front straight. New brakes work, it was good fun:

In the afternoon, I had some power loss. It wasn't making the boost it was in the morning, and was going rich and bogging. Turned out to be the bolts backing out of the wastegate valve. The gasket failed, and I was bleeding pressure off before the gate. It dropped my top speed from 125 to 111, but I still managed to shave a second off my lap time by driving better. If you watch closely, I kiss 1.4G in the final turn.

I'll follow up with my autocross runs once I get that video processed.
And to add to the fun, good brakes cause intercooler scoops to drag the ground:

Looks good! Awesome !! That inside of your car looks like mine. Well except all the cool stuff. Mine is all original. Looks like you had a blast! Thanks for posting the vids.
58 lbs of boost lol?

Yeah, that was actually MAP, and no idea why it stuck on the first data point for that gauge. I've figured it out for future videos.

Pulling data from the Powerlogger and the camera's GPS and getting it sync'd with the video isn't terribly intuitive.