2018 TurboBuick.com Nats, WHAT A BLAST!


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Mar 1, 2005
I would like to take a moment to thank EVERYONE that attended or helped in anyway with the 2018 TurboBuick.com Nationals! It is officially the best year we have had yet! So many people put in so much effort to make this thing a success! I don't even know where to begin!

First and foremost, I try to be as up front and honest as possible. No way around it, Clint Atkins is the lynch pin that holds this thing together. This event would not happen without him...

Bryan Lynch and Coach, WOW! These two guys went above and beyond to make this year a success! I can not thank them enough! Both of these guys plugged away and got the biggest pool of prizes I have ever seen at event like this. They had the place loaded with give aways and raffle items!

Richard Clark, we all know everyone loves to go to Richards and see what I like to call Buick Heaven! Thank you so much Mr. Clark for graciously opening your doors to all us Buick junkies to enjoy your awesome facility and collection of Buick items! We can not thank you enough Sir!!!!!

THE TurboBuick.com VENDORS! WOW, just WOW did you guys step up and knock it out of the park! Everyone that donated I am so grateful! THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU THAT CONTRIBUTED! We couldn't do it without your support! Please remember when you buy parts to remind these guys you are TurboBuick.com members and you appreciate their support of the community!

There are so many individuals that I would like to thank, I know I am going to forget some so PLEASE forgive me I leave someone out!

John Norton, thank you so much John! Not only did his company give a way a FREE TURBO of the winners choice, but this man walked the crowds and sold tickets all week to help promote the event! THANK YOU JOHN! Please look him up and remember Borg Warner when you buy your next Turbo! These guys support TurboBuick.com!!!!

The entire TIA racing compitetors! These guys and GAL, are the greatest group I can imagine being around! They had some grudge matches go down between Melissa Merritt, Ron Bailey, and the beloved JD! Well all the winnings and side bets, totalling $450, were donated back to the event! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!!!

Darrow and the THS group! You guys brought a great group of cars down and wow did Darrow work hard on getting an awesome payout for the guys! Thank you all for attending!

William Brooks, thanks for bringing the biggest field of cars to the event! The PTB class had 15 entries! You did a great job guys! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR SUPPORTING OUR EVENT!

Spool Fool, this guy is just the best! Not only did he fly out from Cali but I look over and he is helping cook some of the best ribs I have ever tasted lol!!! This man supported so many classes and helped so many people during the event! A truly great human being, I feel thankful to call him friend! Him and Coach even did a little side project and donated the proceeds to the event!

Farmington Dragway! They took us in on short notice and gave us a great venue to enjoy our weekend! Great people, I would not hesitate to do another event there! Thank you all so much!

The Gear Jammers! What can you say but, WOW! They always put on a great show for us and bring a crowd! Thanks for being part of our event!

I know there are people I am forgetting, I am trying to get everything tallied up and bills paid today! My mind is racing in 1000 directions. That being said I TRULY HONESTLY appreciate every single person that attended or helped!

We are going to have some discussions this week on the 2019 TurboBuick.com Nationals! Stayed tuned info will be coming! We are going to do it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The event was the best yet of the 3rd. Consecutive that us Western New Yorkers have been to. It was run very smoothly. The change of venues worked out great. It was an honor to be fill in RRA for TPB.

Bill Brooks

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Damm a whole 3 posts :confused: Where is everyone ?? Had a great time . Shane an Clint runnin around like chickens with their heads cut off. Car had us (Russ) working for days but it all paid off. Have to do a few changes for next year !!
Damm a whole 3 posts :confused: Where is everyone ?? Had a great time . Shane an Clint runnin around like chickens with their heads cut off. Car had us (Russ) working for days but it all paid off. Have to do a few changes for next year !!
From what I have heard they are all busy plotting how to put your daughter on the trailer. Evidently they are having problems.
Always sad I can't make it when I see the photos and hear the stories.
Congrats on a successful outing.
I want to say I had a great time! I met a lot of people in person that I have only known on the forum from there names.
Learned a lot as well about the Buicks.
I was very impressed with the Gbodyparts 18 and 19 inch wheels. Brian had the perfect set of drag radials on it also. There was a little confusion over tickets given at the gate vs. the raffles but anytime I get to see some Buicks going down a track is a good day. Can't wait until next year, hopefully I can allot more time for the events.
Thanks Shane.

There are so many cool stories, I don't know where to start. I did get some really good pics and video that I'll be posting up in the next few days. Here's just a couple.
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Thanks to Shane,( maybe Clint ) & all for the hard work making this event happen! We had a great time.
Hope to see you next year.

Thanks! The v8 guys. Bubba,Terry,Joe,Jeff & Mark
I was driving the green GS,Bubba