2019 Bristol Match Tour


Short Guy
This week is the Bristol Match/Champ tour double event at Bristol Motor Speedway. I couldn't do the Champ tour which is Sat/Sun due to stuff, but I signed up for the Match Tour which ran Thursday and Friday.

The Match Tour format is a bit different than a classic national event. Instead of six runs over two days on two courses, the Match tour format has six runs on the first day, the best two are combined, then they hand out trophies. On the second day, you get three runs to qualify for a shootout.

I didn't get a trophy or qualify for the shootout. But that doesn't mean it was a wasted event.

CAM-T at this even had two entrants, me and Alan Schoomaker. Alan's a monster. He's a builder that expertly grafts modern Corvette parts into classic chassis, and he can drive, and he schooled me. After the first day, he had put six seconds on me. Monster.

The second day, I got a lot faster. My best run had a cone though. But this event was a lesson in confidence. The course was fast, and it was a bit of a thing making myself push the go pedal down. Amazingly, I kept pushing and the car kept sticking. I'm pretty sure I left at least a second out there, which would change the results from getting creamed to being in the hunt.

And the car didn't break.

On to the videos!

here's my fastest from Thursday, a 55.6 I think...

Here's the best from Friday, a 54.3 with a cone:

And to show the progress over the event, here's a comparison of my slowest and fastest runs.
Damn that is sweet.
Car sticks, and some serious data collection equipment and driving. Well done!