Kentucky Region 2019 Season


Short Guy
I'm going to stick all my local region vids in this thread. I'll still do national events in their own threads, but I figured I'd consolidate a little.

The first local region points event was today, and things went well. I had a co-driver this time, which means essentially hot lapping the car. We got six runs each. My Co-driver's normal ride is a rather rowdy Malibu (The Malibeast) that he normally runs on Hoosier racing tires in SM, so moving to mine was an adjustment.

I ended up second. I was easily in first until the very last run, when a guy in a beautiful '96 Camaro with a lot of parts nicked me by 0.130.

Here's my best run:

And as a bonus, here's my best run on top of my co-driver's best:

Points Event two today!

Here's my best time:

That was good for first in class by 2.4 seconds over a really nice '55 Chevrolet with a modern suspension swapped in underneath and a stout Vortec small block, and a Fox Mustang. It was my very first run, and there's a lot of mistakes in it. My next two weren't any better.

Then it rained.
After we came back from the lightening delay, I logged this one. It's 1.7s slower than my best in the dry, but I drove it much better. And, as it turns out, this wet run would have still nabbed first in the class.

Enjoy! And don't forget to like the videos and subcribe to my Youtube channel!

Next weekend is the Optima Search For the Ultimate Street Car at NCM Motorsports Park in Bowling Green. Anybody local should come out and say hi!
Points event four was today. I was the only car that showed up in CAM-T, so an easy win.

BUT! I paxed (it's an index to level the classes out) 18th! Raw time was 32nd of 84. Good day.
I did lose an intercooler bolt, and my fuel pressure was misadjusted somehow. I just rebuilt my Accufab, so I guess the diaphragm broke in a bit and stretched. The ECUGN compensated just fine (12-14% EGO enrichment) and the engine didn't blow up.

This was also my first event running flex fuel. The tank was 74% ethanol, and it ran fantastically.

Also, bumpy lot.

MIght have been able to go a bit faster, but after I found the missing bolt and the fuel pressure, I decided to pack it in and get it home. Once the car cooled off, I fixed both issues.

Next event is Thursday at Bristol Motor Speedway!
So, today was Points Event 5. It was supposed to have new logging from my carputer based video dash.

But it had difficulties writing log files to a writable location, so no nifty data from that. This video was manually sync'd.

Nobody else showed up in CAM-T again today, so I won. BUT, I would have placed 4th of 8 in CAM-C against the newer cars, 5th of 6 in CAM-S against C5 and C6 Corvettes. It was good enough for 28nd raw time overall out of 80, and 22nd in the indexed listing.

I've moved up from top of the bottom half to bottom of the top quarter.
Check out the 1.71g sustained right turn towards the end. Which means I totally wussed out on the big sweeper after the start. I probably gave up half a second there by just not pushing hard enough. Doh.