204/214 cam... worth the effort ???


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Apr 9, 2005
A buddy of mine has one of these for sale cheap...

I wondered if it would be worth tossing in my GN or not...

Anybody try one on a stock 109 yet ???

Personally, I'd rather go bigger...like 214/224... but that's just me. :D
I would have to say yes.
Reds Hot Air ran one on a girdled stock block, stock crank, rods, pistons, ported stock heads and intake, T70, to 10.41 @ 133

I put one in my stock set up same as his but bigger vavles and a TE61 on 21 PSI ran 11.79 @ 118
i have one size smaller than that i have the postons cam and have been 10.86 @ 125 with a little 64.